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January 2, 2005

How My 2005 Started

Yes, folks, once again I am late with the update today. Sorry about that. I hope you will understand my reason for being late this time after you read about what I have have to deal with for the past couple days:

On the night of New Year's Eve I ended up having to go to bed early because I had an upset stomach. I began to feel the symptoms at around 3:00 in the afternoon when a friend and I went out for Mexican food. I don't know if it was the food itself that I was eating that brought on this feeling or not, but since my stomach turned sour just as I began eating and I had immediately lost my appetite, it may have been caused by something else from earlier on. I hope this experience won't ruin Mexican food for me since I enjoy it otherwise.

As much as I wanted to stay up and watch the ball drop on TV, at 11:40 I decided that there was no way I could keep myself going. I had already lain down for about a couple hours earlier and figured some rest beforehand would help me to make it to midnight. At precisely 12:00 midnight I couldn't hold down the churning contents of my stomach any longer and I ended up going into the bathroom and vomiting into the toilet (toilets are good for something, after all!). Pardon the crudeness of my description, but as it was loud and messy, I was wondering if the neighbors might have heard me. Being New Year's Eve, and being that I am a teetotaler, the last thing I would want them to get the impression of is that my vomiting was a result of copious and carefree drinking. Certainly I had lots of company in this department that night, though I was probably amongst the few people on that night whose sickness was NOT induced by alcohol. In spite of being tired and needing rest, I slept very little. Since diarrhea was one of my symptoms it made me extra glad to be wearing diapers.

I felt better the day after, and today I feel a little better yet, but I am still feeling weak, tired and sluggish. In spite of all this, I say the show must go on!

Sightings, Revisited

Once again, I am getting too many emails from people who are questioning the veracity of the Diaper Sighting Reports. While most have been at least mildly polite, one individual chose to be an asshole about it.

In spite of the much deserved dressing-down I gave Mr. Childs, I do have to acknowledge that perhaps I have been too liberal about accepting sightings and giving people the benefit of the doubt, even if I personally believe it is suspect.

Since I enjoy getting emails like this about as much as I would enjoy having a root canal performed on my mouth without anesthesia, I have decided that the time has come to clamp down and tighten the reins. While I don't have any specific criteria to use, I am going to be more critical.

As an example to show that I am cracking down on allegedly false sightings, just this past week I received four separate sighting reports that I am ruling as suspect and therefore NOT posting for the following reasons:

  • All four sightings came in on the same day and all within the space of about a half hour.
  • All four of the sighting reports came from girls (girls don't visit this site very much).
  • In each report, the boys are listed to be around 4 to 5 years of age.
  • All four of the boys were reported to be wearing cloth diapers, which are not commonly used in this day and age (as much as I would like to see them used).
  • The locations for each of the sightings are all within the same geographical region (Seattle, Spokane, British Columbia and Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, which is in the panhandle up north, close to the Canadian border).

    In situations like this I am apt to suspect the veracity of the sighting reports because of the similarities amongst them, but then, on a very outside chance it could be coincidence.

    In addition to implementing more subjective critical measures, IP address logging will also be used, especially to track down multiple suspect sightings from the same source.

    If you do send a genuine Diaper Sighting Report but do not see it posted, please feel free to politely discuss it with me (rudely written emails will NOT be read and will be discarded at once) and I might consider it for posting. Please keep in mind, as always, that only sightings about boys will be posted, so if you submitted a girl diaper sighting and you don't see it posted, well, just remember, this is Deeker's Diaper Page.

    I know some of you may still call "bullshit" on some of the sightings where I may have still hedged in favor of the person submitting it. If you don't believe they're real, fine, but don't be an ass to me about it like Mr. Childs was.

    If, in spite of this effort to reduce the rate of bogus sighting reports coming in I continue to receive complaints, I will shut down the sightings. To discourage people from doing this, though, I will hereby issue a fair warning, that if I am driven to make such a decision, I will post the names, email addresses and the emails themselves of anyone whose tone is deemed to be assholish enough to warrant such posting. These people will be recognized as the ones responsible for the demise of the Diaper Sightings section.

    * * * * *

    Have a good week and a good 2005, everyone, and stay thickly diapered!

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