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December 26, 2004

Christmas 2004 Musings

I am pleased to say that this Christmas turned out to be okay after all. In last week's MOTW I indicated that I was having a shitty Christmas and not in the holiday spirit at all. I was out of a job as of December 10 due to layoffs and then later that same week I had problems with my car. I am pleased to announce that I have since found new employment with a different contracting agency, where I will be doing pretty much the same work as I did before. I begin work on January 4.

Knowing that at least I will be employed again shortly, this allowed me to relax and enjoy my Christmas after all. With a little help from my mom I was able to provide gifts for my family. Likewise, I received some fine gifts, myself. I got some shirts, a couple DVDs (Rain Man and I, Robot), a book (C++ For Dummies, to help me get started on learning to write my own software), and a $25 gift card to Hastings (a store for books, music and movies, not sure if everyone has these stores in their areas). I also got some scratch lottery tickets and won $17, the most I have ever won off of any scratch-off.

The day did not come off without a hitch, though. My sister cut her hand really badly when she was trying to cut away the wires they use to hold toys in their packaging, so she had to pay a visit to the emergency room to get her hand stitched up and bandaged (three stitches). Then my mom was feeling sick, so she had to rest for most of the day and miss dinner. She got up just long enough to open presents. She started cooking dinner that morning but then went to bed and had my dad take over. My dad did very well and he got some help from my sisters. We had turkey, prime rib, mashed potatoes as well as baked potatoes, green salad and several other trimmings. Things could have been better, but then, things could have been much worse, too.

Once again, Mother Nature failed to deliver the white Christmas I feel is ideal for this time of year. All we had were clear skies and a drab, bleak-looking winter landscape to look at, nothing that you'd ever see portrayed in a Currier and Ives painting. Oh well, as I always tell myself, there's always next year. The snow here usually comes right after Christmas, anyway.

I hope everyone else had a good holiday. If you were so fortunate as to receive diapers for Christmas then please participate in this week's Question of the Week.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone, and stay thickly diapered!

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