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Deeker's Message of the Week

October 19, 2003

New Survey for Sisters of Diaper Boys

Survey for Sisters of Diaper Boys
In my ongoing effort to revise and improve the surveys for this site, a new survey for the sisters of boys who wear diapers is now online. Like the new Survey for Pre-teens and Teen Diaper Boys, the questions have been revised and the layout has been improved (radio buttons instead of drop-down menus) and some of the questions have been changed. Some questions were eliminated, but overall the survey itself has been expanded significantly. If your sister has already taken the old survey, please invite her to take the survey again with the new form. Like the old survey, its primary intent is to measure the perceptions and feelings of girls who have diaper-wearing brothers. Also, like the last survey, it is intended for girls who do not wear diapers themselves.

In the coming weeks there will be similar changes and improvements made to the Brother survey, the Diaper Discipline survey, and a separate, but similar survey for adults (18 and older) will be created, based mostly on the structure of the preteen/teen survey. Also, this time I hope to create a system for showing the overall responses to each question asked.

Since I posted the new sister survey form in mid-week I have already received several responses for it (thank you to all of you whose sisters have particpated so far). These responses will be posted next week, as I still need to build the Excel file that is used for formatting the HTML for the responses.

About Last Week's MOTW (Re: Deeker's Diaper Story Writing 101)

I realize that I may have come across a tad too harshly with my addressing the problems that I have seen with the number of mistakes and the overall poor quality of writing in the stories tha have been submitted. I hope that, as evidenced by a lower number of submissions this week, I have not scared people off from wanting to submit stories, lest I come down upon them with unbridled wrath and fury for not submitting a perfectly written, error-free story.

I don't expect perfection. Really, I don't. I know my own stories aren't perfect. Rest assured, I won't become overly pedantic with every little detail, and if your story does contain a few mistakes, I'll gladly take a moment to correct them. I won't write back to you and say your writing sucks, nor will I give an itemized list of all the mistakes I found. My primary concern is that your story meets the criteria as stated in the Guidelines. If I like it I will send you a short thank-you note and let you know that I enjoyed it. I may ask a few questions or make suggestions for forthcoming parts, but I won't ever tell you that your writing quality wasn't good.

A few days ago I received an email from someone who mentioned that he was dyslexic, and because of this he was afraid that he may not be able to write a good story without making too many mistakes and having me reject his story. I am considerate of such matters and am aware that some people do have these handicaps or other limitations and can do nothing about it, save for having someone help them. If you are dyslexic, or if English isn't your first language, please make a short note of this (no need to apologize for it, just let me know this is the case.) Doing this will make me aware of your situation and I will proceed with this understanding.

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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