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Deeker's Message of the Week

June 8, 2003

Yahoo Group Going Well

While it's off to a slow start, I am pleased with the response and the activity seen so far in the new Yahoo group for this site. The group is located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DEEKER/. As I stated last week, this group is intended for posting stories, photos and artwork of diapered boys. It also serves as a place where people can discuss stories, personal experiences or to ask questions. Some of the questions I am asked I can only answer with limited knowledge because of limited experience. For example, kids often ask me where they can hide their diapers. When I was growing up I had no access to diapers and had to make do with wearing several pairs of underwear like I had done when I was younger. Also, without knowing the various circumstances which could affect the availability and the effectiveness of hiding places for one person's situation I really can't advise a person where he should stash his diapers. This is where the message board comes in handy. There are 367 members as of this writing, though only 22 messages posted so far. I'd like to encourage people to participate in the group and share things like photos (perferably ones 99% haven't already seen umpteen dozen times), artwork, and of course, stories.

Drawings to be Updated Bi-Weekly

For nearly a year I have been posting Diaper Boy Drawings on this site on a rotating basis, usually 30 drawings at a time per week. When I started doing these drawings they were quite simple, rather crude-looking, in fact, in comparison to the ones I am doing now as I have acquired new techniques and more familiarity with Photoshop. Because my current drawings are taking longer for me to do with the added details and other elements used in the drawings, plus the fact that I want to get back to doing more story-writing, I need to slow the pace at which I post drawings so that I don't run out of new drawings to post. Therefore, beginning this week, the drawings will be updated every two weeks instead of weekly. As of now I am working on set 58, but I am not able to fill a complete set in a week's time. In addition to allowing me more time to keep pace with the frequency of posting drawing sets, this will also give people who don't visit the site at least once a week a chance to download all the latest drawings.

Story Updates Now Downloadable in Zip file

I have added a zip file containing all of the story updates for all sections to make it easier to pick up the latest stories each week, eliminating the need to click on each one individually. I realize that this may skew the results for the Top Ten downloads, so please allow for this if, next week, your story doesn't have as many hits as you might expect or hope to see. The link for the file is located at the top of the main stories page.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 06/01/02 to 06/07/03

1Poor Tommy Contributed Stories1612
2Getting Caught and Diapered True Accounts1258
3Martin S. True Accounts1258
4Two Again Contributed Stories847
5To Thy Own Self Be True Contributed Stories618
6Tommy Contributed Stories594
7My Best Friend That Is A Girl Contributed Stories399
8The Kelly's Come to America Contributed Stories214
9Forever in Diapers Deeker's Stories173
10Confessions of a BabysitterTrue Accounts151

* * * * *

Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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