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Deeker's Message of the Week

February 9, 2003

Thanks for the Dead Link Reports

A couple weeks ago I set up a short form for reporting to me the links that are no longer working. Several of you have used this form and it has been really helpful me to know which sites are no longer active. I have removed from the Links page all of the sites which were reported (and verified) as defunct. This should make surfing to the other sites listed easier and less frustrating. My thanks go out to those of you who took a moment to let me know about these sites.

The Straight Dipe

One of the sites I frequent is the Straight Dope Message Board. Every now and then a thread pertaining to diapers will appear and naturally it will grab my attention very quickly. This thread, titled 5 year old changing a diaper -- creepy, right?, was especially alluring since it addressed a parent's concerns about allowing a 5 year old girl to change a 3 year old boy's diapers (which personally pleased me even more ).

Below are some of the more notable quotes excerpted from the thread:

I have a really cute pic of my oldest changing his brother. The oldest was 6 the younger 18 months. He volunteered and did a fine job. I must admit that he never volunteered for poopy duty.
I wish I could get a hold of this pic.
I've got a five year old daughter & a three year old son, and my daughter has often assisted with diaper changing. In fact, watching and helping to change diapers when my son was a baby actually got my daughter over the hurdles of potty training. We'd been working with her, but seeing her baby brother in diapers, I think, gave her the idea that diapers and such were for "babies," and she was a "big girl" (no, my husband and I did not tell her anything like that...she just saw us changing diapers a lot). A few weeks after her brother was born, she just chucked the pull-up pants and never looked back.
I have a six year old daughter and a three year old son. My daughter loves to change his diaper (when he wears one--which is usually only at bedtime, since we're potty training). It makes her feel very grown-up and responsible. It's not a burden to her at all. But then, if she sees me getting ready to wash the bathroom floor she begs me to let her do it. It's work to us, but it's exotic, wonderful, grownup stuff to kids. (And yes, I do let her. It takes an hour for the floor to dry afterwards, but what the heck.)
I don't find it creepy, and can relate to being a big sister changing diapers...I remember feeling proud that my mom would trust me to change my younger brothers' diapers on occasion. I was well potty-trained by then.
Not creepy, as long as there is no licking, as thoughtfully pointed out above. I think it's a bit odd the kid is still wearing diapers at 3, but maybe kids in my family mature faster.

I personally disagree here. There's nothing odd at all about a boy still being in diapers at age 3, or age 4 for that matter.

I don't see this as a problem. When I was raising my sister's kids the eldest (F) quite often changed brother's diaper. He is 2.5 years younger. She used wet-wipes and all. If she saw anything suspicious, she would let me, or Grandma, know. Of course we were never far away - supervising from a distance - and saw everything that was happening. She felt useful, brother got a clean diaper. No issue.
/possibly humorous slight hijack
So my 7 year old daughter says to me (after witnessing several cases of "collateral" damage from her 7 month old brother's pee),
"Dad, when I have kids, I'm only going to have girls".
"Why's that sweetie?"
"They don't have Aimers like boys do"
I was barely eight when my brother was born and was almost immediately taught to change diapers. Wet ones, anyway. If I really want to embarass my brother, all I have to do is point out that I've seen him naked.
My daughter was 5 when her brother was born and she would help change and diaper him on occasion. She welcomed the opportunity cause it made her feel grown up but I think it also reinforced the idea that siblings take care of each other.

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Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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