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Deeker's Message of the Week

January 19, 2003

"Forever in Diapers" is Back!

After taking a little hiatus from my story writing I have resumed posting new parts to my current epic story in progress, Forever in Diapers. I have decided to post it differently than I have done before. Previously, I posted the story in ten-part segments every couple of months or so (to give readers plenty of time to keep pace with it). Instead I am now going to post one new part at a time (part 101 for this week), but more frequently (one new part per week is my goal). I feel that this approach will make following the story easier for those who are reading it. I decided to take this approach since I also don't have the time anymore to proofread and revise the story in ten-block segments, which is partly the reason there was a five-month delay since the last update was posted (8/18/02).

New Article Posted

A new item appears this week in the Articles section. The article is entitled Silencing the Bulk & Such. This article contains helpful tips and advice for people who need information on dealing with common difficulties with wearing diapers. There is information on how to clean another person after a diaper change, how to make one's diapers more discreet and how to handle getting caught wearing diapers, plus more. Special thanks to Sebastian for his wonderful contribution.

Why "Jimmy" was Removed Last Week

First, I know that after getting negative feedback on posting the "Dumbass of the Week" awards to the people who whined and bitched about the material on this site, that I vowed to ignore those who object to this site. However, I just cannot let this one go without pointing out the ones in the minority (and very much in the wrong) who were responsible for forcing me to make a decision that affects the majority of the readership.

Last week I posted a new contributed story simply titled "Jimmy." Unfortunately, after receiving several complaints about the story, however, I decided to take it down. I didn't take it down to appease the wishes of those who whined about it, but just because I very quickly got goddamn tired of all the bitching I was getting, not to mention the false and (at best) woefully unfounded accusations of my being a pedophile for posting such a story. The story did have some sexual situations in it as many of them do, but for some insanely stupid reason, people just couldn't accept what was in it (two minors engaging in sexual experimentation) without raising a big stink about it. Like, good Christ Almighty, don't most of us do this at some point in our lives before reaching adulthood?! Whatever . The worst offenders-- no surprise-- were the asshat losers on the Bravenet story board-- not all of them, just the ones who have openly critized me on the board who hate me, anyway, most notably 'Lil Bitchy' (Vickie)-- whose complaints, among all the others, I didn't even bother to read or respond to in the first place.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 01/12/02 to 01/18/03

1Saturday is Diaper Day Contributed Stories1872
2KG Wil True Accounts1094
3Tim's Tale 3: Jason and His Diapers Contributed Stories825
4Tommy Contributed Stories799
5The BabyContributed Stories306
6The Kellys Come to America Contributed Stories244
7Caught in the DiaperContributed Stories228
8Steve's Diaper DisciplineTrue Accounts199
9Mike's AccidentArchived Stories188
10AaronTrue Accounts179

* * * * *

Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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