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Deeker's Message of the Week

December 29, 2002

2002: The Year in Review

2002 was indeed quite a year for this site. For starters, the site was given a big makeover with a new layout to make navigating the site easier. It has grown significantly with the addition of new stories and updates as well as new surveys and survey submissions, and plenty of diaper sightings. At about the beginning of the year I discovered how to use Photoshop to create all the drawings that I do, having posted them to my site for about half of the past year. Most recently I added Story Content Codes to the site and have been counting on the efforts of other people to help put these codes in place (there are lots more of them to be done). I look forward to 2003 and continuing to make this site a fun, informative, and for some people, a reassuring place for them to come and feel good about their needs and/or their desires to wear diapers.

Over the past year this site has received:

I want to thank everyone who was a part of this collective effort to make this site what it has become.


I hope everyone had a good Christmas this year. I had a good time with my family and exchanging gifts. Among other things, I received a new DVD player and The Matrix to help get my DVD collection started, a $20 Best Buy gift card, a $20 Hastings gift card with which I have already bought an Ill Nino CD, a new pair of Levi's 550 jeans, a new black long-sleeved shirt, a travel bag, plus some other odds and ends. Some new diapers would have been nice, though. As my birthday will come in just two months, I can hopefully count on getting the things that I didn't get for Christmas then (except for the diapers, unfortunately). Incidentally, some of the boys who write to me told me they got diapers for Christmas (nice, thick cloth diapers, nonethless) and were happy to get them. We decided to have prime rib for dinner as a change of pace, having had turkey for Thanksgiving just a month ago. While I love turkey, this was a good alternative. Once again mother nature did not bring us a white Christmas, as it just isn't quite Christmas without any snow on the ground. The last white Christmas we had was in 1998, and before that, 1990. In spite of this one minor disappointment, it was a great holiday.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 12/22/02 to 12/28/02

1Bobby Contributed Stories976
2Curiosity Kills Contributed Stories812
3Beck's StoryTrue Accounts461
4The Kellys Come to America Contributed Stories410
5Mike's AccidentArchived Stories227
6Steve's Diaper DisciplineTrue Accounts185
7AaronTrue Accounts173
8Emergency SleepoverContributed Stories155
9Cumming of AgeContributed Stories150
10Baby John JohnTrue Accounts148

* * * * *

I'd like to wish everyone a safe and Happy 2003! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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