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Deeker's Message of the Week

October 6, 2002

Changes to Diaper Sighting Reports

Several of the sighting reports received as of late have been rejected. This is mainly due to people submitting reports which did not meet the criteria for this site. Most of these rejected sighting reports have been on adults (18 and over). Some have also been on very young boys (3 and under) in which seeing them in diapers is nothing uncommon (though still very cute). Others yet have submitted reports on girls instead of boys. Lastly, some reports were judged to be too absurd to be plausible. I will admit that I have been a bit lax and have therefore accepted, out of courtesy, sightings which are outside of the preferred age range, particularly on the adult side even though I vastly prefer the child sighting reports.

It seems that because of this courtesy that I have extended to those who have submitted adult sightings that many others are seeing that such sightings are allowable and are submitting them. Originally I was going to stop accepting adult sighting reports altogether, but then I re-thought this idea and came up with a fair compromise. I realize that many people enjoy reading about adults who are seen wearing diapers in public places or at otherwise unexpected moments, and I admit that such sightings are just as notable as seeing an older boy (4 and up) wearing dia[ers. The child sightings are much more interesting, in my opinion, since children are usually more self- conscious of others (especially siblings, and even more especialky sisters) seeing them in diapers and that chances are the child has had no choice in wearing diapers. Most adults, on the other hand, are in control of what they wear, and even if they have to wear diapers for medical needs, chances are they diaper themselves or were diapered under circumstances other than where a parent and/or sibling was involved.

As of the week beginning 9/29, any Diaper Sighting Reports involving persons 18 or older will be listed separately. All age 18+ Diaper Sighting Reports from previous months have retroactively been separated from the child/teen reports and are now listed in their own files.

Links, Guestbook Updated

The Links section has been updated and it includes a few new sites. There are probably still some old sites listed which may no longer be in operation, so please pardon me for not having taken the time to verify all the links.

The Guestbook, which had entries in the current book back to August, has been updated so that all the August and September entries have been archived in their own files.

Letters to Parents

In the Articles section I added a letter that was sent to me by someone who presented it to his parents. He shared it with me so that others could use it as a sample letter to present to one's parents in the event they come into evidence of one's having diapers in his possession. I did not receive any word as to how successful this letter was, however. I tried to contact him, but he did not use a valid email address when I attempted to send him a reply.

I am proposing a new section for the site for people to share their letters addressed to parents on dealing with diapers. These letters can either be ones you may have already sent or have been wanting to send but have not. They can either be letters on addressing getting caught or on wanting parents to know. Lastly, I would like to know how successful (or perhaps not so successful) the use of such letters has been. If you have something like this to share, please email it to me.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 09/29/02 to 10/05/02

1Me and Taylor Contributed Stories1647
2Donny True Accounts1162
3It's Happening Again Contributed Stories841
4A Very Wet TripContributed Stories252
5The Kellys Come to America Contributed Stories252
5 (tie)Sam in DiapersArchived Stories252
6Wetting Accident Contributed Stories203
7Steve's Diaper DisciplineTrue Accounts177
8Punishment of a RebelContributed Stories161
9AaronTrue Accounts155
10Greg's Modeling JobContributed Stories149

* * * * *

Have a good week everyone and stay happily and thickly diapered!

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