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Deeker's Message of the Week

August 4, 2002

Diapers and Sterility, An Answer

I am pleased to share with you a response I received from someone who took the time to provide me an answer to the question I posed a couple weeks ago on whether diapers can cause sterility. His answer:

I am not a doctor but I do have modest Google research skills.

There's about 700 pages with "diaper" and "sterility" in them. Most of these are about a possible link between the chemicals in disposable diapers and possible effects on the future fertility of boy babies. As far as I can tell nothing has been demonstrated.

For some reason I can't find any references to fertility studies on diaper wearing adults but there's about 450 pages with the words "underwear", "heat" and "sterility". Many of them refer to a study performed by an Egyptian doctor who invented some kind of polyester underpants that practically pushed the testicles back up into the body. The men who wore these underpants became infertile because their testicles were too hot for efficient sperm production. When they stopped wearing the special underpants their fertility returned.

There's a big difference between temporary infertility and sterility. Many of the pages discuss a possible link between infertility and tight underpants. The studies I found showed minimal effects like an effective rise in temperature of one degree and no measurable difference in sperm production. Doctors seem to recommend that men trying to conceive wear boxers anyway because every little bit helps.

It seems to me that wearing thick diapers would obviously raise the temperature of one's testicles more than thin underpants. Whether it would raise it enough to affect sperm production hasn't been determined. Even if it did it would appear that the resulting infertility would be temporary.

Special thanks to Ian Lincoln for his response.

Story Removed

It was brought to my attention this past week that several people in the DPF forum did not like one of the Contributed stories that was on my site. Some of them may have even thought that this particular story set the tone for the entire site. As its listing occurred early in the alphabetical order in which stories are listed by title, it was likely the first story that many people read, therefore giving them an unfavorable impression of the site.

The story I am referring to was the one entitled "Aardvarks" (a rather unassuming, if not innocuous title, and is certainly not a title that one would expect for a diaper story; the story explained at the beginning how the title came to be.) This story has since been removed from my site. It isn't even in the contrib.zip file anymore, nor is it in any .zip file on the site. Requests to email this story will not be honored. While many of the stories on this site contain sexual situations, they usually involve sexually mature teens and usually don't go beyond masturbation (either solo or mutual). If sexual activity is described, it is usually done so more implicitly, or done in such a way as to not be blatantly descriptive, as would be the intent with a pornographic story.

"Aardavarks" contained more explicit sexual situations that many people apparently felt were not appropriate to be described, especially as the boys in the story were 9 to 12 years old and were performing these acts (which went beyond mutual masturbation) in the presence of their father, who fully endorsed and even encouraged their activities.

One may question why I would have allowed this story on my site. While I have respectfully refrained from making personal editorial comments (positive or negative) about any one particular story on this site, I feel that the circumstances which eventually led up to my decision to remove the story warrant my disclosing my personal opinion of the story.

While I thought the story was good in the beginning when the boys were expressing how much they enjoyed their diapers, I lost interest in the story as it became less focused on the diapers and more focused on the sexual activity among the boys, not to mention becoming very repetitious. To be honest, I wasn't really reading the story in the latter parts, and because of this I wasn't catching the descriptions that were being used. This is not to say that I was not aware of sexual activity in the story. I did advise the story's author on limiting the descriptions of sexual activities and keeping the focus of the story on the diapers. There were parts I rejected because I didn't feel that they belonged on the site (e.g. descriptions of activities, however consentual, between the boys and their father). He agreed to leave these parts out of the story, but he still continued to push the envelope further and further. The fact that the story was not even making the Top Ten list when it was updated (being beat out by stories that were not updated for the same week) should have been a clear indicator that the story was not all that popular anymore. While longer and more established stories such as this one tend to receive fewer hits upon updating than the newer stories, they still make the list and are not beaten out by older stories.

My only reason for posting the story in spite of my personal objections to it was that I did not want to hurt the feelings of the boys who were supposedly dictating the story's contents to their father for him to write and submit to my site. These boys thought very highly of me and I did not want to betray them, even if it meant taking risks by offending some readers and posting the boys' story to keep them happy.

I recently learned that the boys who were supposedly dictating this story to their father based on their own real-life experiences, do not really exist. They were completely made up by the person who claimed the boys were his sons left to him by his deceased wife who was killed in an auto accident. I must admit that the scenario he described was very convincing, and with no way for me to prove or disprove such dubious scenarios, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. In spite of my desire to maintain good relations with the people who correspond with me, for a long time I questioned the authenticity of the situation described by the "father" of the boys. Several of the situations just did not seem realistic or appropriate for a father to have with his sons, no matter now "innocent" it may have been purported to be. There were several red flags that were brought to my attention by others who also corresponded with him.

I was originally going to leave the story on my site and then allow it to go through the cycle of being considered inactive by going past 90 days without an update, and then declared discontinued after going 180 days, at which point the story would be removed from from the site and only be available in the .zip file containing other stories that have been abandoned by their authors. Because of the complaints on the DPF forum to which someone tipped me off, I decided that the time was now to take the story down and save face, so to speak. I was uncertain about having the story on my site in the first place, but I figured if nobody complained to me about it then they must not mind seeing it, or are rational enough in their thinking to skip over it, not make a blanket judgment about the entire site because of this one story, and move on to other stories that are better-suited to their interests.

As complaints sent to me about this site go, I almost always ignore them and I do not take any action to satisfy the wishes of the person complaining. In fact, I don't even bother to read the rest of their usually petty rants before deleting them. Usually such complaints-- rare as they are-- are about this site's lack of girl stories and other materials about girls. Even less worthy of my time are reading (again, very rare) the wastes of electrons in the form of emails from the fuckheads who accuse me of being a "sicko" or a "pervert". These, too, are always cheerfully ignored. These mental-midget asswipes have absolutely no business whatsoever coming to my web site in the first place.

I am more sensitive to complaints regarding specific stories being too sexually explicit, however. If the person is civil enough and is kindly advising me about taking a story down, I will likely respond to the email and perhaps act upon it. A bitterly-worded complaint about a story will be ignored, however. Still, if I do receive enough complaints about a specific story I will remove it (I have done this with some other stories). Since there were several people on the DPF forum who seemed to agree that this story was no good and that it was likely tarnishing the reputation of my site, I felt that the only thing to do was to take the story down.

For the record, it has been several weeks since I have exchanged any correspondence with the author of "Aardvarks". I suspect that he figured it out that I was onto him and was aware that his "boys" were made up. I don't know for sure if he is still out there and perhaps reading this message. I hope he will not be offended by the statements I have made about him and the story here, and I hope he will understand why I had to take the actions that I took in removing his story from my site.

It is my hope that for those who were offended by the "Aardvarks" story, whether you are one of the DPF forum participants or not, that you will accept my apologies and will forgive me for putting the interests of one person (and his fictitious sons) ahead of the interests of the readership of this site. It was a lapse in my judgement and in retrospect I wish I would have been more aggressive in refusing this story. I plan to use more discretion in accepting stories that contain a great deal of sexual activity, especially where pre-teens are concerned. I resolve to put aside my concerns for how the author may feel about having his story rejected because of the ages of the boys and the level of sexual activity described. I have rejected stories before for different reasons (e.g. boys treated as girls), and as much as I hate to hurt anyone's feelings or foster bad relations, I feel it is a greater responsiblity for me now to uphold the standards upon which I base this site, standards based on not only my personal preferences (boys in diapers) but on the interests of this site's readership.

Missing in Action

The following is a list of people whom I tried to contact this past week, but was unsuccessful in doing so due to bounced emails. If you are reading this, please contact me.

NameDate attempted to contactMessage
Frank08/04/02 I received the story that you sent to me earlier in the week. I don't think it came through all the way, though, since it appears to be cut off in mid-sentence and in a place where it looked like more was to be written. I won't be able to post the story this week because of this. If you would like to try sending it to me again this would be great, and I will have it on my site next Sunday.

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* * * * *

Have a good week everyone, keep cool, and stay happily and thickly diapered!

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