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Deeker's Message of the Week

July 21, 2002

Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

I am very pleased to recognize the efforts of a dedicated visitor who has offered his assistance in helping me to maintain my web site. His name is Claude and he hails from the great state (actually, a Commonwealth) of Virginia. He is currently taking on a very ambitious and time-consuming project that I have been meaning to do for some time but have never had the chance to work on it. He is going through all of the stories and finding the various types of content that people are likely to be most interested in reading, and assigning "content codes" to the stories which are identified to have said content. The system will be similar to DPF's story codes, which help readers to pick out which stories they would like to read (or wish to avoid if something in particular turns them off.) The proposed list of content codes for this site is based on DPF's codes, but there are some variations. Story codes that would either have no representation on this site (e.g. stories with "sissification" or feminization of boys), or story codes that are not used here, but may have stories to otherwise represent them, are replaced with content codes that are more specific to this site, such as stories with dominant sisters in them.

As this is a very enormous undertaking, please do not expect to see the results of this project for some time (one reason I usually refrain from making premature announcements regarding proposed additions or changes to the site, in case they should never come to fruition and therefore fail to meet people's expectations). Once the project is completed for each of the story sections (Contributed stories are being reviewed first) the content codes will appear on this site. My main reason to write this statement is so that Claude can be recognized for the efforts he has already put forth and has pledged to do for this site. Already he has given me some assistance in helping me to keep the Links page updated and letting me know which links are no longer working. Claude has also contributed a story to this site, called "Michael's Diaper Story" (not to be confused with my own story with a similar title, "Michael's Diaper Stories.") He is currently in the process of developing a frames-based interface for this site (though non-frames users will still be able to view the site).

I would like to sincerely thank Claude for all he has done so far and what he has pledged to do.

Diapers and Sterility?

I was recently asked by someone the following question:

Can diaper-wearing make you sterile after a while, and can it lower your sperm count?

Being that I am not a doctor nor does my job (testing printers) even have any relation to the medical field, I am deferring this question to other people out there. If anyone out there, doctor or not, knows that this can happen, please send me an answer in email. If you have had any such experiences that can be confirmed by the use of diapers as a cause of sterility, please share them, and I will post them in next week's MOTW.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 07/14/02 to 07/20/02

1Ken's Story Contributed Stories1479
2Jeffery True Accounts1143
3Sam in Diapers Archived Stories1068
4Sam True Accounts911
5Trial of Timmy Walker Contributed Stories609
6Jevon's Big Brother Contributed Stories444
7AaronTrue Accounts171
8Baby TeenagerContributed Stories166
9Steve's Diaper DisciplineContributed Stories155
10Heather the BabysitterDeeker's Stories150

* * * * *

Have a good week everyone, keep cool, and stay happily and thickly diapered!

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