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Deeker's Message of the Week

June 23, 2002

A New Look

Like a dirty diaper, a web page needs to be changed every now and then, well. maybe more often for the former. I have made several changes, actually, namely to give the site a little bit different look, but more importantly, to reorganize it and to make navigating the site easier. This site has evolved greatly in the past few years, and while the stories are and will continue to be the primary feature of this site, it has expanded to include extensive surveys and diaper sighting reports.

The biggest change I made was to the front page. The old interface used for linking into the various sections of the site is entirely graphical. It's cute and it's colorful, but it's not easy to modify when changes need to be made. This is one reason why I added banners to the most frequently visited pages (and so I could also promote the new sections). The new interface uses buttons along with a brief description of each section. It may not be as pretty, but it does make things much easier for me to add or delete sections. A lot of you told me that you liked the design of the front page, so I still have it posted for those who want to look at it.

Other changes include: