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Deeker's Message of the Week

April 28, 2002

Site Outages

Some of you may have experienced outages with the site over the weekend. This was due to some system maintenance that had to be performed on the server which hosts my site. All efforts were made to minimize the duration of these momentary interruptions in service. I offer my apologies to those of you who were inconvenienced or otherwise disappointed by the outages.

Up and Coming

This section is designated to recognize and commend boys who demonstrate extraordinary resistance to toilet training and/or a desire to wear diapers as indicated by their parents. This particular post comes from the Yahoo group "Diapersbeyond4":

Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 05:33:39 -0000
From: "lorry256" 
Subject: (unknown)

Soon my son will be in the first grade and still wears diapers.
currently he is kindergarden wearing diapers.  The program lets out
and noon so he only goes to school for 3.5 hours.  In the fall he is
suppose to be in the first grade which last all day so him being in
diapers will be a promblem.  the school says they will not let him in
the first grade wearing diapers.  i have tried everything to make him
use the potty he wont.  he tells me he likes to wear diapers and
wants to wear them for ever.  i have tried just putting him underwear
and making him clean himself.  this just turns out to be a big mess
for me.  i even tried the peer preasure approach , hoping he will be
embarassed out of diapers.  quite frankly, he does not care who see
him wearing diapers. it doesnot bother him.  any one else expeerience
this or have any advise.


Perhaps he's a possible future reader of and contributor to this website. To him I say "good job, and don't give up!"

This was followed up on appropriately by "one of our own":

Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 07:47:51 -0000
From: "frank2ab2001" 
Subject: (unknown)

I have to admit, I understand why your son likes diapers.  Diapers
feel good and are, for reasons I can't explain in words, comforting.
They are very handy and a great reason not to have to stop playing or
watching TV,etc. to use the bathroom.  They even feel good when you
are wetting in them and yes, even when you poop in them.  Diaper
changes give that extra-special, personal attention time.  I know
this from experience.  I was like your son.  I chose to wear them.  I
loved my diapers and wearing them and didn't really care who saw me
in them.  My schools allowed me to wear the diapers (I think because
my mother convinced them I had a medical problem) and if I needed
changing it was by the school nurse, or later by myself.  I got
teased by peers, but my love of wearing diapers overrode it.  There
are a lot of details to it that I won't go into and I don't usually
admit all of this to the general public.  I just wanted to let you
know I understand his feelings about diapers.  He will probably
always have these feelings.  You will undoubtedly get different
advise from others on how to handle your problem which may or may not
work.  My advise will be what I think would have worked on me, had my
mother not just allowed me to stay in diapers full time.

You could hold him back in Kindergarten in hopes that he will outgrow
his love of diapers, but I doubt he will.

If you don't really mind him being in diapers but want him to go to
public school, you could compromise with him.  If he would potty-
train so that when he went to school in underware and stayed clean
and dry while at school, you would allow him to wear diapers at
home.  This might even work to get him to not want to be in diapers
at all, once he knows how it feels to be clean and dry for extended
periods of time.

If you don't really mind him being in diapers and you have the time,
you could leave him in the diapers and home school him.

If you want him out of diapers right now, you could do what a friend
of mine did with his 6yo who would not give up his diapers.  He put
him in a cloth diaper and plastic pants and refused to change him or
allow the boy to take the diaper off.  The boy developed a severe
diaper rash at which time my friend changed him but did not treat the
rash.  Everytime the boy wet or messed, it hurt him a great deal.
When being changed, he was told that if he didn't wear diapers, the
rash would go away.  On the second day, the child gave in and begged
not to be put in diapers.  At that point, the rash was treated and
the child put in regular underwear.  The rash was completely healed
in three days and the boy no longer wore diapers.  Even though this
method worked, I personally would never use it on any child.  It is
far too harsh and cruel.

I think the compromise solution is the best.  Whatever you do, don't
try to humiliate him or punish him either physically or verbally.  It
will not work and will have a negative impact in his adult life.

I wish you the best with whatever you try.  If you want to talk more
privately in detail about this, you can email me.


This next one is from the "Toilettraining" Yahoo group. Let's hope he won't yield to his mother's expectations:

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 04:37:49 -0000
From: "newacheck" 
Subject: toilet training

My son will be starting kindegarten in the fall. He is 5. He has absolutely
NO interest in toilet training at all!!!! I have tried bribery to every sort
of angle. New underwear, clothes, toys even to offer to buy him a new car.
When he goes to sit on the potty he never goes!!! He holds it for a long
time. Just yesterday it was over 9 hours!!!!

Does anyone have any advise? Please help I am at the end of my rope!!!!


My advice? Keep him in diapers! Clearly it's what he wants to wear. I must say he's a little young for a new car, and he won't get to drive it for another 11 years anyway, but if even this doesn't get him out of diapers then pretty much nothing will.

Surveys and the DDBRA

I have retroactively given the Deeker Diaper Boy Recognition Award (DDBRA) to the survey responses which were submitted prior to the creation of this award on March 31, 2002. The responses in the Survey for Sisters of Diaper Boys section which are applicable to this retroactive recognition have been designated accordingly. The retroactive recognition for survey responses in the Survey for Diaper Boys and the Surveys for Brothers of Diaper Boys" sections will be added soon.

Diaper Boy Drawings

A few samples of my diaper boy drawings are posted. If you want me to send you the entire collection of ../Images to date (over 500 .gif format ../Images, contained in 12 zip files), just submit your request here. The files will be sent one at a time and are, on average, about 500-600K.

Story Statistics

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 4/21/02 to 4/28/02

1Aaron: The Diaper Trio Contributed Stories1195
2TimTrue Accounts941
3John True Accounts923
4Steve True Accounts892
5Incontinent Rage Contributed Stories744
6John in DiapersArchived Stories436
7Aardvarks Contributed Stories232
8Steve's Diaper DisciplineTrue Accounts192
9Aaron: The Show Must Go OnContributed Stories188
10Huggies for JustinContributed Stories171

Have a good week everyone. Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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