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Deeker's Message of the Week

April 14, 2002

I'm Dreaming of a White Diapered Butt- Revisited

I wish I could say that I had more diaper dreams in the past week, but unfortunately the sandman didn't do this for me. Fortunately, however, he has given a few people who responded to my request for diaper dream stories some material to share with me. Here are their stories:

From William:

I heard a knock on the front door and I went to answer it, dressed in my wet cloth diaper with four diaper pins and plastic pants with snaps. I opened the door and you were standing there holding a very large diaper bag, "Hi! I am Mr. Deeker. your Care Giver for today. May I come in?" "Sure thing!" I went back and got my rubber-lined-cloth-Pad and placed it on the kitchen table and got up on the table and lay down on my back, knees bent and legs spread. You talked nice to me as you went straight to work unsnapping my plastic pants and unpinning my diaper. You removed them and I lay bare-naked. as you used wipes, oil, powder and took my rectal temperature. "How would you like me to make you into a twelve year old boy again?" "Sure! Being twelve is fun." When I was twelve I really did wear diapers once in the hospital for a week. As you trimmed the hair nearly to the skin with a scissors, I relaxed and recalled the times in the hospital as an adult before surgery when they shaved all the hair off my genital area, and then you applied the shaving cream before you took the razor and shaved my tools to smooth skin. "There now. You are a good little boy!. And I was too. After drying me off and slipping a disposable pad under my bottom and giving me a suppository, pushing it high up into my rectum, we waited together for it to work and bring results. It didn't and you administered a fleet enema and that worked good. I grunted as you said, "Do it for Deeker." and I did, as you watched the results and then cleaned me up again. You gave me a bath in the tub just like my Mommy did when I really was a twelve year old boy. Before you left you put me in diapers and plastic pants and tucked me in bed. I woke up from my dream and came back to reality and, just in case, slipped one hand down my belly and into my wet diaper and felt my wet pubic hairs.

From Mitch:

I was dreaming that I was at a company picnic for where I work, except the place where I worked was huge, maybe 5000 employees. It was taking place at a theme park and it was open to the public. I was alone from my wife and was supposed to meet her at the banquet area. I was near some picnic tables after I had ridden some water slides. Next here came three boys towards their mom which was barely 5 foot away from me eating a sandwich at a table. The two oldest were wearing Speedos. The 11 year old in a red one and the 10 year old in a blue one. Their younger brother looked to be 8 and was wearing full cut swimming trunks that were yellow with a navy stripe along the waistband. The 11 year old said, "Mom he did it again." My ears went on high alert. "Did what she asked?" The 10 year old informed her that Mark had pooped in his pants again. All of the boys had brown hair. Then the mom told them that this was her first chance she has had to eat and pulled out a Huggies size 6 and handed it to the oldest boy. He started complaining that he didn't want to do it, but with his mom threatening to take them all home after she ate if they didn't take care of it the older boy digustedly grabbed the diaper and said "C'mon Mark lets get this over with and you better not do this again while we are here." As they walked away I could see the top of his diaper sticking out of his shorts. I was thinking oh no I have the best diaper sighting ever and no camera to prove it. I was thinking Dan will not believe this one. It was so strange that I just had to tell you all about it in my dream. I went in the bathroom and the floor was all wet but they had Mark laid out right in the middle of it as other men and boys walked by looking down at what was going on. I went to a stall to pee even though I was faking it so I could watch the proceedings. Mark had really plastered it good and the older boy had to run back to his mom to see if she had more baby wipes in the car to take care of him. I woke up before he could come back so I never got to see him stand up in the fresh diaper which was what I was hoping to see. I kept thinking where is my camera. I have the mother lode before me and no way to prove it. Our stories were so similar in many ways.

From (no name given):

I have had a few dreams in the past. The first one happened about three years ago. It was so weird. Me and my two friends were in the back seat of my friend's father's station wagon. For some odd reason I said I needed to be changed. from what I saw, we were at a rest stop, going somewhere. I saw him reach into a blue package, which was a package of pampers size 6. He took me to the bathroom and changed. A few dream minutes later, I pooped in them. After that, I woke up. Dammit! Two years ago I dreamed I found a package of Luvs size six. Somehow, they fit me. I woke up quite sticky that morning. A few weeks after that, I dreamed that my mother had caught me. I was in a medical supply store, when she reached up to a top shelf and pulled down a package of large diapers. She paid for them, and we walked back to the car. She then proceeded to put one on me, securing it with mailing tape. (like in your stories, I guess that's where that came from. For some reason, the last shot in my dream was of me squatting in nothing but a diaper. I woke up, with this strange feeling in me, one I had never felt before. part of me was in heaven, the other in hell. I can't explain why yet.

Thank you for sharing your stories. Let's get some more so that I can post a collection of them in their own file. I'm interested in getting other people's stories about the dreams they have had about wearing diapers, either themselves, or others (preferably boys, of course.) If you would like to share your dream story, just use this email link to send it.

Finally, a FAQ!

At long last I have written out a FAQ file for this site. It is currently in its development stage, but it addresses many of the questions I am often asked. It will be updated, and some supplimentary articles will be linked to it, including a detailed explantion on why this site only has stories about boys in diapers, plus, thanks to the assistance of my friend Jeffy, a guide for pre-teens and teens living with their parents on obtaining diapers, keeping them hidden, how to handle getting caught, etc.

Diaper Boy Drawings

I decided to post a few samples of my work. If you want me to send you the entire collection of ../Images to date (over 500 .gif format ../Images, contained in 12 zip files), just submit your request here. The files will be sent one at a time and are, on average, about 500-600K.

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Have a good week everyone. Stay happy and thickly diapered!


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