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Deeker's Message of the Week

March 31, 2002


I must say that I am very impressed with the sudden surge in the number of new stories and story updates received this week after going through some lean weeks. There are 6 new contributed stories, 4 updates, plus one new true account. Keep it up, guys! The stories are what has made this page what it is today and I can't take credit for it myself. I owe my thanks to those of you who have submitted your fine stories.

Surveys and the Deeker Diaper Boy Award

As I mentioned proposing last week, the "Deeker Diaper Boy Recognition Award" is now in place. A few of the survey responses received this week in each of the categories were deemed to be worthy recipients of this award. The award is designed to recognize boys whose experiences with wearing diapers are the most fitting with the theme of this site and would be most likely to be considered as inspiration for my stories. This recognition will be applied retroactively to all the survey responses received from the beginning, prior to the implementation of this recognition. These will be added to the list in the coming weeks as time permits for them to be reviewed.

I am also pleased to note that I finally have some results posted. There are a few charts and graphs posted for the Sister Survey. Special thanks to "Mule" for his efforts. More charts are planned for this section as well as the others.

Diaper Boy Drawings

They're still available via email. Just submit your request here.

Story Statistics

At long last, they are back! One person suggested that I just post them here, so I am taking him up on his suggestion. I won't be doing the colorful charts and graphs this time around. I think most people are just interested in the numbers themselves. Still, if you would like to see charts and graphs, let me know.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 3/24/02 to 3/30/02

1Gary's Dark DaysContributed Stories1198
2Nothing Ever Happens, Book 6: Involuntary RecruitsContributed Stories587
3PeteyTrue Accounts512
4Summer I was 5Archive445
5AaronTrue Accounts189
6Steve's Diaper DisciplineTrue Accounts174
7Nothing Ever Happens, Book 1: My Brother, Me, and BillContributed Stories162
8Baby TeenagerContributed Stories120
9AlexTrue Accounts115
10My Days in DiapersTrue Accounts112

Off the Topic

I saw Blade II yesterday. I didn't see the first one, but the guy I went with, one of my coworkers, told me that he liked the first one a lot better; I'll take his word for it. I thought the special effects were lacking in some places. The fight scenes were the best, in my opinion. I know I don't make a good movie reviewer. That's why I write diaper stories instead.

I hope everyone has a good Easter and a great week. As always, stay happy and thickly diapered!


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