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Thank you for visiting Deeker’s Diaper Page, and welcome! Everyone with an open mind is welcome to visit, but because some stories and other items contain sexual material, discretion is strongly advised. This web site is geared towards males of all ages who wear diapers for any reason, and for adult males who wore diapers extensively in boyhood. No matter what your age or your reason for wearing diapers is, you are invited and encouraged to peruse this web site and familiarize yourself with its contents, and more importantly, its purpose and to also share your own experiences with diapers.


Content Description


This site contains material on diaper fetishism and infantilism, with more of an emphasis on the former than on the latter. It is intended for people who enjoy wearing and using diapers, whether for paraphelic (fetish), emotional, or medical necessity, or any combination of these reasons.


Specifically, the material on this page primarily contains stories about boys who wear diapers and use them for their intended purposes. Please be aware that as this site obviously is about diapers and all the topics that come with the territory, there exists a great deal of vulgarity in reference to pee, poop, farts, butts, balls (testicles), penises and offensive bodily odors. Many of the stories also contain sexual references, including mention of genitalia, masturbation, sexual arousal and implied sexual acts. Explicit references to intercourse, however, are kept to a minimum and not encouraged. No sexual activity between adults and minors occurs in any of the stories.


If you are offended by this type of material, please leave NOW and do not bother complaining to the webmaster. Your complaint will be summarily ignored and deleted at once!


The bulk of the materials found on this web site are organized into the following sections:


·         Stories- fictional stories and true accounts

·         Surveys- geared towards various specific demographics

·         Sightings- reports of real-life observations of diaper wearers in the field

·         Toilet Violations- reports of boys whose potty problems as observed by others demonstrate a need for diapers.

·         Drawings- a collection of images depicting the themes of this web site

·         Question of the Week- New questions posted each week that focus on a particular theme of this web site.

·         Ask Deeker- A forum to give readers a chance to seek information, opinions and advice from the webmaster.


Other less prominent and less frequently updated sections also appear.


Purpose Statement


This web site serves a number of purposes, which are as follows:


·         To share my personal thoughts and feelings about diapers, and my experiences and observations upon which the foundation for these thoughts is based.

·         To provide for others who have similar thoughts and feelings about diapers a repository of materials to aid them in understanding, accepting, and exploring these thoughts and feelings

·         To provide for others who have similar thoughts and feelings about diapers a place where they can express and share their thoughts about and experiences with diapers.

·         To provide materials to aid people whose fantasies and desires for wearing diapers are unfulfilled or less than fully satisfactory the vicarious experiences of other peoples’ diaper situations.

·         To provide solace, comfort and assurance to those who may feel alone, uncertain, fearful, doubtful, guilty or insecure about their desires to wear diapers.

·         To encourage people to consider ideas not explored by other diaper lover web sites and to give thought and focused attention to these ideas.

·         To promote to parents the benefits of raising boys in a diaper-centric environment and foregoing toilet training boys*.

·         To encourage girls to exhibit bodily cleanliness, maturity, modesty and responsibility in the presence of diaper-wearing boys who lack such virtues. *

·         To educate girls on boys’ lesser abilities to maintain bodily cleanliness and proper elimination of bodily wastes and to exploit these weaknesses by keeping boys in diapers. *


*While these items are considered to be genuine purposes, they are secondary in nature and are primarily presented for fantasy and fun.


Differences from Other Diaper Lover Web Sites


Many diaper lover and adult baby web sites focus on a variety of themes such as infantilism, role-playing (age play), domination, bondage, sadomasochism and cross-dressing. Most of these particular themes, however, while presented on this web site in one form or another, are overall subordinated or presented in unconventional ways, and some ideas, namely cross-dressing, are not found at all (follow link for more information).


While I don’t have any issues with these other themes (except for cross-dressing), my interests and experiences diapers don’t fall into any of these areas. Instead, the themes that are emphasized on this web site conform to these simple rules:


·         Boys and only boys wear diapers.

·         Only girls wear pants and use toilets and take pride in doing so.

·         Boys cannot be reliably toilet trained; only girls should be toilet trained.

·         A boy’s diapers are meant to be seen, not just worn and used.

·         Boys should be conditioned to fully indulge in their diapers.

·         Girls should be encouraged to extol their gender-ascribed virtues (modesty, cleanliness, maturity, self-discipline and responsibility) and exploit a diaper boy’s lack of such virtues (crudeness, uncleanliness, immaturity, impulsiveness and irresponsibility) that force him to remain in diapers.


Comparisons to Conventional Diaper Fetish Themes


While the themes on this web site do follow the themes that are recognized and understood by most diaper lovers and teen/adult babies, they are presented in specific ways that are not necessarily emphasized on other web sites. For example:


·         Infantilism- This generally includes the use of baby paraphernalia such as bottles, pacifiers, baby- or toddler-style clothes and use of fixtures intended for babies such as cribs and high chairs. This web site focuses more on the mental or psychological aspects of infantilism (i.e. a sense of being immature and unable to look after the cleanliness of one’s own body).

·         Role-playing- traditional role playing involves consenting adults acting as babies or little boys to their partner who, depending on gender, plays the role of his “mommy” or “daddy”. On this web site, the ages of the subjects are similar to one another (usually brother and sister, but sometimes the girl subject is a babysitter or female cousin) and range from ages 6 to 14 for boys (who are always the submissive diaper wearers to their sisters) and 6 to 16 for girls, who are always the dominant figures who are in control of their brothers’ diapers. These roles are only imagined (in story or drawn form) and in absolutely no way are real children ever called upon to play such roles. Any such stories involving actual children are only based on what is submitted as one’s true, actual experiences (either at the present or from the past, as told by adults).

·         Domination- As described above, domination typically involves the mother or father figure taking control of the baby subject and dictating everything he does, forcing his obedience under threat of punishment. On this web site the sister dominates her brother and exploits his hygienic deficiencies with diapers while at the same time boasting about her superior hygiene habits which grants her the privilege of dressing modestly.

·         Bondage- The extreme level of diapering a boy is subjected to by his sister is a form of bondage in that he is locked into his diapers and unable to escape from wearing them or wearing them in full view of others.

·         Sadomasochism- The sister (the sadist) enjoys subjecting her brother to embarrassment and humiliation by continually pointing out the characteristics of his diapers, his odors and his lack of pants, going out of her way to make comparisons between him and her clean body, the clothes she wears, and the fact that she can reliably use a toilet and get to it easily. The brother (the masochist), secretly enjoys the ways his sister teases him but is afraid to admit it. The sexual tension that builds up from this treatment forces the boy to use his diapers as his only available outlet to release such pent-up feelings.


Unlike most other diaper web sites, this web site focuses on unique themes that focus more on the diapers themselves. The themes, collectively referred to as “Deekerianism”, that are emphasized, include the following:


·         Diapers with the following characteristics:

o        Cloth diapers, which are preferred over disposable diapers because a boy who has cloth diapers has a set of diapers that he is to call his diapers. A boy who wears diapers that are lovingly cared for by being washed, dried and folded and then put on him again and again, bonds with these diapers, unlike disposable diapers, which are only worn once and then tossed. Cloth diapers allow a boy to become intimate with his diapers.

o        Plain white diapers are preferred in that they present diapers in their absolute plainest, most conspicuous and most obvious way possible. Diapers should not contain any colors or patterns that detract one’s attention away from what they are— diapers. The pure whiteness of a diaper conveys its unadulterated essence to the wearer and to observers and does not present any degree of character, personality, or fashionability, as one’s outer clothes might do. A Deekerian diaper should clearly call attention to its purpose.

o        Exaggerated attributes to increase conspicuousness— thick, multi-layered diapers with extra high rise and wide crotch for the purposes of making his diapers more conspicuous, too thick to wear pants or other articles of clothing over them (which in turn forces him to fully display the extreme magnitude of his diapers), to make their removal more difficult for the wearer and more time-consuming and involved for the diaper changer, and to increase their capacity for containing pee and poop. Such diapers are tightly fastened with an excessively abundant amount of diaper pins, which further makes their removal more difficult and more involved for the diaper changer.

·         Pantslessness, fully conspicuous and unobstructed display of diapers at all times possible.

·         The way the wearer perceives himself as a diaper wearer.

·         Full use of diapers for peeing and pooping.

·         History of difficult, frustrating, unpleasant and traumatic toilet training; or that toilet training was never attempted on principle of being a boy.

·         Sisters and other girls of similar age to the diaper-wearing boys who are deeply involved in and dedicated to the handling of their brothers’ diapers in the following ways:

o        Continual reminding the boy of the fact that she freely sees him in his diapers and points out the various characteristics and the magnitude of his diapers, and the parts of his body that his diapers cover (and don’t cover, e.g. his legs)

o        Continual reminding the boy that she knows how and when he uses his diapers and why he wears them, emphasizing his odors, uncleanliness, immaturity and irresponsibility. She makes a conspicuous display of her pants.

o        Pointing out the fact that she can and does wear pants and he cannot wear pants over his diapers. She is decently dressed and he is not.

o        She can willingly choose to wear no pants and display her underwear and her body to tout her cleanliness, maturity and responsibility. Like pants, she makes a conspicuous display of her panties (or thong, which yields best results) and compares the differences.

o        She can reliably use the toilet with ease. Her clothes are easy enough to remove, and she can thoroughly wipe her butt and leave no visible or odiferous trace of ever having pooped. She also prides herself on being able to eliminate her bodily wastes in complete privacy, but may choose to allow her brother to observe her use of the toilet to point that she can use the toilet and he cannot.

o        In addition to making frequent and highly detailed observations about her brothers’ diapers, she frequently changes his diapers and ensures that he remains thickly and conspicuously diapered and pantsless.

·         Continual exposure from early childhood onward to the combination of the circumstances listed above significantly influences the boy’s sexual development, resulting in a strong diaper fetish that conflicts with and often overrides normal sexual feelings and causes confusion towards how he perceives his body and the bodies of others of his own sex and of the opposite sex. As such sexual urges cannot be relieved through normal sexual activities, the boy turns to his diapers, which are a more familiar and reliable outlet for such feelings. His feelings about nudity become distorted because of his conflicting impressions between the dual functions of sexual and sexualized parts of the body that also serve to eliminate wastes from the body.


Even though some of the material on this site is sexual in nature and involves minors, I do want to make it clear that this is not to be confused with pedophilia! This site neither contains nor condones pedophilic behavior, which involves the pursuit of children themselves for the sexual gratification of an adult. There is a clear distinction between this type of behavior and the desire to want to wear diapers to revisit one's childhood feelings and experiences. This page is not intended to exploit children, but rather, its purpose is to allow those of us who enjoy wearing diapers to relive the best years of our lives.


It is also very important to understand that many of us who do enjoy wearing diapers developed these feelings in our early childhood years, in some cases before puberty and for some of us, these feelings began to develop during toilet training. This is the reason that many of the stories on this site are centered on childhood.


No Minimum Age Required


While there are stories and other items on this web site that mention erections and include masturbation and other sexual activities, I do not feel that anyone should be excluded from viewing this web page just because of his age. If you have such feelings about wearing diapers then you are likely old enough to understand and appreciate the content of this site.


In light of recent increasing criticism towards the sexual content found on this web site as it pertains to minors, a movement is in place to limit and discourage the inclusion of sexual content in stories, survey responses, etc. on all materials submitted hereafter, with such content being limited to mentioning the penis and testicles, erections resulting from wearing and using diapers and from the natural response to getting a diaper change, and solo masturbation. Any and all other sexual acts are hereafter considered to be irrelevant to wearing diapers. Any sexual arousal derived from the materials on this web site will be implicit.


In other words, if thick diapers full of poop excite you, that’s fine, but please try to avoid mentioning such sexual arousal coming about as a result of how you wear your diapers or perceive others who wear such diapers.


Many of the stories and other items on this site make references to the penis and the buttocks ways that are not necessarily sexual in nature, but rather, merely because these are the parts of the body that are associated with the elimination of wastes, which, along with wearing and using diapers, is a topic we are all exposed to from early childhood onward. Bathroom-related matters (especially potty humor) is a natural element of childhood, so I feel that no young mind should be shielded from the frequent mentioning of pee, poop, farts, butts, balls (testicles), penises and offensive bodily odors. If you feel otherwise, then why are there award-winning books like The Adventures of Captain Underpants which cater to a young children’s readership? Let’s not forget such titles as Day My Butt Went Psycho, Butt Wars, Zombie Butts From Uranus!, and The Brotherhood of the Stinky Underpants. Let’s face it, kids as young as three years old, especially boys, love anything that has to do with stinky, poopy butts, so who is to say they should be forbidden from taking it to the next level and adding diapers to the mix?


It’s also important to understand the reason why stories about boys are preferred to stories about adults on this web site:


·         Boys have fewer rights and responsibilities and have less control of their lives and are expected to submit to and obey their parents and other authority figures or face punishment for failure to do so.

·         Boys are far more impressionable at this age where diapers and nudity associated with wearing diapers will have a greater impact on their sexual development.

·         Boys are more likely to have peeing and pooping accidents and will be less experienced with dealing with such matters.

·         Boys are held more accountable for having accidents and are subjected to greater levels of punishment involving diapers and pantslessness.

·         Because they are more impulsive, less mature and less capable of considering the consequences of their actions before acting upon such impulses, boys are more apt to get into trouble for other things and therefore be punished with diapers.

·         Their lack of muscle mass and other bodily features of maturity make their diapers look more prominent on their smaller, lankier bodies. Boys look more appropriate in diapers since they are closer to looking like babies/toddlers than adults.

·         Before boys reach puberty they are considerably smaller and weaker than the adults who administer discipline, they are less capable of fighting off, resisting and escaping from such discipline.

·         Their wearing of diapers will have a much greater impression on their siblings, classmates and other peers of similar age and on themselves, whereas most adults are mature enough to not entertain such feelings and responses to seeing someone their age in diapers. If they do, it's all for play.

·         Because young children (especially boys) are highly amused by potty humor, the topic of diapers is highly impressionable on them since diapers involve the genitals, the butt, pee, poop, farts, underwear, overall nudity and exposure and other pseudo-sexual and bodily/eliminatory elements. While such matters are highly impressionable on girls, girls in this same age range tend to see such things as gross and immature.

·         Girls who have brothers who wear diapers are usually close in age and, as it would seem that girls have a natural maternal instinct, they are more apt to enjoy changing their brothers' diapers at this age, plus, it gives these girls a reason to feel better about themselves, which is very important to a lot of young girls.

·         In my own experience, which is the experience of many others (but not everyone, I understand), my first sexual feelings came from my extended diaper-wearing and all of the things I associate with these memories (being pantsless, wearing lots of white underwear for diapers, being teased by my sisters) have always been very exciting to me. Since these feelings are deeply rooted in my childhood I prefer to focus on this age level in stories and visual materials.


If You Are a Girl


Boys and girls, men and women alike are all welcome, but the content of this page is clearly geared towards a male readership. That said, this site does not cater to girls or adult females who wear diapers. You will find sparsely little in the way of stories and other content about girls wearing diapers, as such submissions are strongly discouraged and are usually rejected or edited to exclude or at least minimize the presence of such content. This is not to say that I do not recognize that there are girls and women who wear diapers for the same reasons that boys wear them; I am just not at all interested in such material.


What I AM interested in from girls are stories and other submissions about their brothers and only their brothers and/or boys (past toddler-age) they have babysat who wear diapers. This is where you, the girls to whom this writing is addressed, are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in the various surveys and to read the stories and view the artwork posted on this site. These key sections with their accompanying links are listed in the article Information for Girls.


The kind of girls this web site caters to are girls who are completely opposite from diaper boys in every way possible. In other words, these are “Deekerian” girls. Such girls proudly recognize themselves as being more mature and more responsible than boys, mainly in their abilities to maintain proper body cleanliness through good, consistent hygiene habits, which in turn permits them to wear decent clothing (e.g. pants) and inconspicuous undergarments. While modesty is a trait that a Deekerian girl celebrates, she can, at her own choosing, display her body and her undergarments to reveal their cleanliness to the boys who are forced to let her see them wearing diapers. In fact, Deekerianism recognizes two distinct classes of girls, as shown in the table below:


Deekerian Girls

Type A

Type B

Only wears long pants. Does not wear shorts because having one's legs left bare is part of being in diapers. Wears pants to accent parts of body that are not covered by diapers (e.g. buttocks).

Will wear shorts and show off legs. Feels that showing bare legs helps to accent cleanliness of the body and draw attention to the parts that only a girl can keep clean (e.g. her butt).

Wears pajamas at bedtime. Pajamas cover body for same reasons for wearing long pants during the daytime.

Wears night shirts or no pajamas at all; may wear underwear or may wear nothing to bed at all. Being naked or nearly naked is to show off bodily cleanliness and to show that she can have nothing on and be trusted not to pee and poop all over everything. She also does this to build sexual tension in the boys who see her.

While worn inconspicuously, all underwear is in the form of full-cut panties or low-rise panties. Underwear is meant to provide comfort only and is not for show. Goes to great lengths to ensure that underwear is never even partially visible.

Wears skimpy underwear, including bikinis and thongs (especially T-backs). Skimpy underwear allows her to show off her body, arouse sexual tension and point out cleanliness and good hygiene and to point out differences between girls' underwear and boys' diapers.

Will not wear anything white, including pants, shirts or socks, as white is the color of diapers and should only be worn by boys. Even though underwear is not shown, she does not wear plain white underwear on principle of being too much like diapers.

Will wear other white clothing but will not wear plain white underwear. Instead, will wear black underwear (especially thongs) as black is as opposite from white as possible.

Is very discreet about farting and is very embarrassed if anyone ever hears it or smells it lest they think she more than just farted. Would like people to believe that "girls don't fart".

Is open about farting. When she farts she points out that even if there is a smell her butt is still clean and sexy.

Is very discreet about using the toilet. Demands absolute privacy. Refuses to talk about having to pee or poop. Makes sure there is no trace of evidence of having used the toilet, including ensuring the air does not smell bad.

Is very open about using the toilet and will even let (or force) brothers to watch her use the toilet. She does this to point out how clean she keeps her body and enjoys the opportunity to demonstrate her hygiene skills. She also does this to tease brothers about not getting to use a toilet and having to deposit all their pee and poop into their diapers where it will remain until such time the diapers are removed. Likewise, is open to talk about her own peeing and pooping.


Such girls use their superior traits to their full advantage to exploit boys’ inferior abilities to control their bodily wastes and keep their clothing clean and therefore are not entitled to wear decent clothing or modest, inconspicuous undergarments. Such girls make comparisons between themselves and their male counterparts and continually call attention to the observations they make towards a boy’s diapers. They recognize that boys are immature and irresponsible and are also impulsive and fail to consider the consequences of the choices they make.


Closing Remarks


There are abundant resources on this site to help you (anyone) to gain a greater understanding of what diapers mean to a boy who wears them out of medical need, desire (especially a sexual fetish), punishment, or any combination of these reasons. It is my sincere hope that you will at the very least gain valuable and useful knowledge from this site about the profoundly significant effects diapers have on the minds and bodies of the boys who wear them.


Once you have looked over at least some of these materials please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] and give me your comments, suggestions and other ideas in which I can improve the site to cater to Sisters of Deekerian Diaper Boys. In the meantime please be sure to share this site with your friends and any other girls who would understand and appreciate the content presented here.




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