Deeker's Guest Book, September 1999

- Thursday, September 30, 1999 at 19:07:44 (EDT)
Neil < [email protected]>
Age: 14
Gender: m
City: Aloha
State: OR
Country: USA
Preferred Diaper: All that which is bulky
Reason To Wear Diapers: I love ;em
Wet/Mess/Both: both
Favorite Story On This Page: Heather the baby sitter
Comments: Hi there every one. I am 14 and looking for some one to caht or e-mail with. People on AOL arnt to forth-comeing about talking to me because of my age, so i would love if an aol member would get in touch. I would love to talk to a teen, Preteen girl, but boys will do just fine. Adults are welcome but no contact by phone or off-line. Oh and most important of all, Deeker, you are the man! This is like THE site for TB's like myself.

- Thursday, September 30, 1999 at 14:06:29 (EDT)
coldswt < [email protected]>

City: canute
State: ok
Country: USA

Comments: looks good so far

- Tuesday, September 28, 1999 at 01:55:33 (EDT)
Mauro < [email protected]>
Age: 23
Gender: m
City: Rome

Country: Italy
Preferred Diaper: Disposable
Reason To Wear Diapers: For Fun
Wet/Mess/Both: Both a lot

Comments: Deeker, I have to say, this is a very great site!!! Since I found your site I've thought I was the only one who love to wear thick diapers just for fun, now I know this was not true. So, I'll be very pleased if I'll found a mommy that want to change my diapers and treat me like her little baby. I like any type of humiliation, and I really want to be a little little baby girl.

- Sunday, September 26, 1999 at 09:44:01 (EDT)
Calvin Alvarez < [email protected]>
Calvin Alvarez
Age: 24
Gender: M
City: Bentonvill
State: AR
Country: USA
Preferred Diaper: Attends and depends cloth PP
Reason To Wear Diapers: Loved to every I could remember
Wet/Mess/Both: Wets occational mess
Favorite Story On This Page: "The Diaper Deal" "Back to Diapers"
Comments: I realy enjoy the stories, expeciely the ones that take me back to my own child hood.

- Sunday, September 26, 1999 at 09:35:00 (EDT)
jimmy < [email protected]>
URL: http://
Age: 38
Gender: m
City: Chicago, IL
State: usa
Country: USA
Preferred Diaper: attends/pampers
Reason To Wear Diapers: fun
Wet/Mess/Both: wet
Favorite Story On This Page: too many to count-Your site is the greatest. Keep up the good work.
Comments: I love to wear diapers and to be treated as a baby. I would give anything to become a baby boy again and be adopted by a couple or a woman.I often feel like to be happy I need to be a 1 year old again for a long time. I am not gay so no guys please. If interested in having fun let me know. I also like girls in diapers.They are cute

- Friday, September 24, 1999 at 22:42:07 (EDT)

URL: http://
Age: 35
Gender: M

State: PA
Country: USA
Preferred Diaper: What the insurance pays for
Reason To Wear Diapers: bladder and some bowel incontinence associated with MS
Wet/Mess/Both: Wet and sometimes mess, and neither by choice

Comments: After having to wear diapers again for 5 years i have gotton quite used to them

- Friday, September 24, 1999 at 11:44:02 (EDT)
Darryl A. Grant < [email protected]>
URL: http://no web site/
Age: 33
Gender: m
City: Ontario
State: canada
Country: USA
Preferred Diaper: depends Protective underwear
Reason To Wear Diapers: I have Bladder Cptrol Problem/I am a Diaper Lover
Wet/Mess/Both: wet
Favorite Story On This Page: No More Under Wear.
Comments: Really helpfull web-site. keep up the good work.

- Friday, September 24, 1999 at 07:37:24 (EDT)
bradley < [email protected]>
URL: http://
Age: 15
Gender: m
City: colorado springs
State: co
Country: USA
Preferred Diaper: cloth with plastic pants
Reason To Wear Diapers: bedwetter
Wet/Mess/Both: wet only
Favorite Story On This Page: anything with forced diapering
Comments: Would love to have another teen pee in my diapers while I'm wearing them!