After being in business for nearly 20 years, Deeker has had enough!

'DEEKER.COM' is for sale, lock, stock and barrel.

If you are interested in seriously bidding on this domain and web site, mail your bid in writing to:

P.O. Box 6114
Alexandria, VA 22306

Include your name, address, zip code and a phone number that we can reach you at.

Include the amount of your bid in US dollars.

Include any pertinent details about your bid and why Deeker should accept your bid over anyone elses.

Until this is settled there won't be any updates to this page. However, you are welcome to submit new stories, new guestbook entries, and other questionnaire entries for the next owner to consider and possibly to use on the new web page.

What you see here now is just the way that Deeker left it when he pulled the plug and walked out the door. We don't expect him to be returning. He is spending his time nursing his wounds and trying to understand the people that he thought were his friends that he now feels have turned on him.

He has turned everything to us to sell it off and to get the best deal for him. We don't feel qualified to bring his level of expertise to maintaining We feel that we are nothing more than caretakers who are simply dedicated to keeping the lights on and the modems working.

Deeker greatly appreciates all of the friendships that he has formed over his many years of building up and deeply regrets being forced into this action.

This is NOT a place to send hate mail. Any hate mail that we get will be followed up on and turned over to the appropriate authorities.


If you wish to help keep the lights on and the modems working feel free to send donations to the above address. The safest way is to get a money order from your local Post Office, or Safeway, 7-11, etc.


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