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August 29, 2004

Patches Has Come Home!

In my
08/01/04 MOTW I reported that my cat Patches had gotten out of my house and disappeared. I am pleased to announce that on the night of Monday, August 23, Patches came back into my house where he is safe and sound. He was gone exactly one month to the day. He appeared at the back door and my roommate helped coax him back inside. He took some time to readjust to his surroundings, but with some time he has refamiliarized himself and he is right back to how he was before. He seems to have been eating while he had been out, though he'd lost some weight and is in the process of gaining it back. He was really pigging out on the cat food that night. He was meowing and purring throughout that first night, it seemed, as he walked all over me while I lay in bed, cuddling up to me. Obviously he missed me very much, just as I missed him. He was almost like a new cat to my other cat Hobbes all over. Hobbes had hissed at him a couple times, but they haven't had any spats yet, much to my surprise. He just needed some time to get used to being around Hobbes, but I was confident they would adjust to each other's presence again.

Many thanks to everyone who expressed their concerns and offered their encouragement.

Photo of Patches

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Have a good week, everyone. Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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