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July 11, 2004

Server Down Last Week- An Explanation as to Why

In case you had trouble accessing files on my server (the survey responses and the drawings) this was due to a little snafu with my ISP. At about 6:00 PM my time that night I lost my Internet service. Thinking it was a technical problem, I called tech support. They told me that my account was disabled (My thoughts: What the fuck?! Why?!). As for why, I had no idea and neither did the tech support people, who told me that I would have to talk to Customer Service. Since their Customer Service office just happened to conveniently close at 6:00, this meant I had to wait until the next damn day to call and find out what the hell the problem was (I suspected it may be a billing problem since I recently had a new credit card issued, this has happened before). It was very frustrating and I was quite livid, to the say least. I kept thinking about it and dwelling on it all that night, stewing in my pissed-offedness. Thinking of the worst case, where they might have de-activated my account for some stupid reason (perhaps a spammer trying to get back at me for turning his sorry ass in and reporting the offense to
Spam Cop.) In case my service being cut off was for something stupid and unreasonable I was prepared to go off on them with a litany of complaints and insults about the company's lousy policies. When my friend/roommate and I went out for Chinese that night I could hardly think straight since I was so pissed off and so consumed in my wrath and frustration over this whole ordeal. The most frustrating part was that I could not call anyone about it until the next morning. I didn't want to wait until I was home from work and deal with it, so I called while I was on my break at work. As it turned out it was because my credit card information was outdated and they needed me to update it for them. This happened once before. I'm so glad I didn't have to unleash any fury on them. Obviously everything is back to up and running, so I am pleased.

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Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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