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June 6, 2004

Deeker's Diaper Page is Eight Years Old

It's hard to believe it's been so long since I started this web site. Back in its humble beginnings I only had three stories posted, all of which were my own-- Diaper Desires, The Blue Package, and Brian the Bedwetter. These were the only three stories I had written at the time. I had a modest, but rapidly growing collection of stories from other sources such as the newsgroup (which has long since turned into a complete spam-infested wasteland). There were no Contributed stories, no Archived stories, no True Accounts, no Guestbook, no Surveys, no Diaper Boy Sightings, no Message of the Week to keep everyone informed on the latest announcements, no Diaper Boy Drawings, and no Question of the Week. These are all things that came along since the site's inception and have allowed it to grow and evolve so greatly.

Some things have come and gone, such as a disappointing effort to run a message board (via a third party) for this site when virtually nobody had participated. In times past I used to track the daily and weekly visitor traffic to the site along with comprehensive statistics on how many hits each story got. I even had colorful charts and graphs for all of this. After it became increasingly evident to me that I no longer had the time to process these data and was falling behind with getting them caught up each week I knew it was time to drop them from the site. I made an effort to revive the posting of these data by listing the top ten stories in the Messages of the Week, but again, time constraints made doing this in a timely manner to be difficult. There used to be a search engine for this site (run via a third party), but the almighty Powers That Be at Pico Search (bastards!) deemed my site's content inappopriate, so until I can develop my own self-containde search engine, that part is out. Perhaps the most infamous moment I have had with this site was back when I had a few photos (mostly video captures) of myself in diapers on this site. A web site called Stile Project posted direct link to this site's photo section. A flurry of nasty emails and guestbook entries as a result of this forced me to remove the pictures of myself in diapers from the site, so they have never returned since then.

The site itself has moved around as it has grown. In the beginning, I had the site posted on my ISP's server, a whopping five megabytes of space. At the time this seemed like enough, but as more people were sending stories I was running out of space (I'd have had to pay extra for using more space, which at the time was more expensive). The short-term solution to this problem was to post all of the stories as zip files (!) but this was inconvenient for many users, and many people probably had no idea what zip files are. In 1998 I moved the site to Geocities which offered 25MB of web space for a nominal fee. After about nine months or so, the Powers That Be (Bastards again!) closed my site, so once again I had to find another place to put my site where my rights as an American (you know, that whole "free speech/freedom of expression" thing, but I'll leave politics out of this) can be exercised. I am pleased that IDK Enterprises came to my aid, so this is where my site now resides, complete with its own domain name.

It's hard to say what's in store for this site in the coming years. Every time I think I have done it all I always think of new ways to make this site better and to make it more enjoyable for its visitors. As always, I would like to thank those who have helped to make this site become what it is today. Keep your contributions coming. There's always room for more.

No Update Next Week

There will be NO UPDATE posted on June 13. I will be out of town during that time (June 10 through June 13) and I will not be available to post updates on June 13. Guestbook entries may be entered but will not be updated during this time (they will be updated on June 14 after I have returned). I will have limited access to my email but I will likely not be able to respond to it until at least the day after my scheduled return. Please continue to submit stories, guestbook entries, survey responses, sighting reports, etc. during this time. All submitted materials received between June 6 and June 19 will be held and posted on June 20.

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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