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April 25, 2004

Question of the Week Response Good So Far

Thank you to everyone who participated in the debut of the The Question of the Week. 81 responses were received to the first week's question. Keep the responses coming. There's a new question now, and remember, there will be a new question every week (hence the title of this section), so be sure to check it each week this site is updated.

Guidelines Page Updated

To address a couple new issues that have come up as of late, I have amended the Story Guidelines page. Specifically, two new items have been added to the "Content" section:

I know this means more restrictions, but this is what the Guidelines page is for, after all. Recently there have been a number of stories submitted whose content rarely, if ever even mentions diapers. Some stories only contain wetting or messing accidents where no diapers are involved at all. While I do recognize that this comes close to fitting the theme of this web site, this is a web site for diaper fetishists as the word "Diaper" appears in the same of the site; thus, it would seem only fitting and appropriate that diapers be a signficant element in each of the stories.

As for the requirement that all stories contain human characters, this stipulation was added due to the increasing number of stories about "furries" (people who dress as animals) who also wear diapers. Just as stories about girls wearing diapers do nothing for me whatsoever, the same goes for furry stories. Your understanding of these additions to the Guidelines, and the reasons for them, is appreciated.

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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