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April 18, 2004

New Feature: Question of the Week

A new feature has been added to Deeker's Diaper Page: The Question of the Week. Each week a new question will be posted, pertaining to diapers, of course. Each question will only be available for responses for one week before it is changed, so this is expected to encourage people to visit the site more regularly.

Many of the questions will be taken from the suggested questions that people have included in their survey responses. Other questions will be taken directly out of the survey forms themselves, and some will be questions I will think up on my own. While it may seem redundant to use questions already asked in the surveys, by posting such questions by themselves, this will allow for more people to answer the questions which they may not take time to answer within the survey forms, some of which are admittedly long. It will also bring more attention to questions that may not be seen by some readers as they are listed deep down in the list.

Most of the questions will be written with preteen and teen boys in mind. If you are an adult you may answer the questions as they would have applied to your childhood. Not all questions will pertain to all visitors, so you may not be "eligible" to participate in answering every Question of the Week posted.

Some questions may contain two or three related sub-questions, but all Questions of the Week will be fairly short and will only take a moment to read and answer. Off-topic side questions may also be included from time to time mainly to get a feel for how the visitors to this web site feel about other things (I'm not interested in most controversial and divisive topics such as religion and politics, so I won't go there, and I'm not at all a sports fan, so don't expect to see any "Who will win..." type questions.) Some questions may be answered with more than one response (these questions use check boxes, as opposed to radio buttons, which only allow for one response). For most questions, comments may also be provided, which will be posted along with the results for each Question of the Week. Inappropriate comments will be removed and the answers provided with comments deemed inappropriate will not counted in the final tally.

Your privacy is respected, so no personal information-- not even names- will appear. Age data is collected, however. Only a tally of the responses, age data and a list of comments will appear with each set of results posted. You must, however, furnish a valid email address. As always, if you prefer not to reveal your email address you may use my secondary email address, [email protected]

The first Question of the Week is pretty simple: What kind of diapers do you wear? The results for this question will be posted next week, along with a new question, so please be sure to check back by then.

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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