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March 28, 2004

A Note About Replying to Guestbook Entries

Some of the people who sign the Guestbook will use the email address [email protected]. This is understandable as not everyone wishes to leave his actual email address or any address at all (the latter method is preferable). As some of you may already know, this particular email address-- while valid-- is set up to serve as a dummy address for people who fill out the surveys, where a valid email address is required, but would rather not disclose their actual email addresses.

The result of having people use the yobrepaid address in the Guestbook is that I receive responses in this account from people who replied to entries in the Guestbook signed with this address, thinking that they were writing to the person who signed the Guestbook. If you were expecting to hear back from someone you wrote to and used this address, you probably won't get a response, sorry. I have no way of knowing the real address of the person who signed his entry this way and therefore I cannot forward such messages.

To eliminate this problem, I will ask that anyone who wishes to sign the Guestbook and not leave his email address to just leave this field blank. The form for signing the Guestbook has been updated to indicate this information.

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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