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January 25, 2004

Survey Summary Statistics Finally Available

At long last I am pleased to announce that I have made summary statistics for all of the surveys available. This project, which was put off mostly due to time constraints and my own lack of patience with having to find problems with the data collection process and fix them each time I worked on it, has finally come to fruition. My original plan called for having lots of colorful charts and graphs, (giving me a chance to show off my Excel-skills prowess), but this added significantly to the time involved in processing the data, along with having to produce all the charts and graphs.

In spite of my wishes, I was going to do away with charts altogether, but since I want to give people a visual means of seeing the comparative results on each question, I developed an easily updatable method in Excel for displaying simple bar charts using HTML. An example of this method can be seen in each of the brands listed in the Diaper Ratings Survey.

The summary statistics for each survey can be viewed as follows:
Adult Diaper Boys Survey
Preteen-Teen Diaper Boys Survey
Survey for Sisters of Diaper Boys
Survey for Brothers of Diaper Boys
Diaper Discipline Survey

The Survey for Sisters of Diaper Boys also includes an additional type of data in some of the questions. This is called a "score." It is an arbitrary method of measuring the "average" magnitude of the overall responses received. The final score is a percentage. I didn't think of adding this to the summaries until I began work on the Sister Survey Summary (I was saving the best for last ). The other survey summaries will also include scored questions in future updates.

For now, my plans are to update the survey results on a monthly basis. If time permits each week I may update them more frequently. After enough data are collected, the numbers will not likely vary by much with new data added once the data averages are mostly established by that point. Therefore, there is a lesser need to update these data as frequently.

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Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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