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December 14, 2003

Proposed Color Scheme Change

I'll dispense with the usual "don't adjust your monitor" lameness by stating that the colors you are seeing here in this week's MOTW entry are different from what you are used to seeing used throughout this web site. I am using this color scheme as a way to propose it to the visitors of this site. Several of you have indicated that the current color scheme is difficult to read. I personally have no problem reading it myself on my 15" 0.27 dot pitch Mag monitor that's about 6-7 years old, in 1024 x 768 resolution. I don't know if anyone out there is still using a monitor with 0.39 dot pitch, but if they are, they're probably viewing it in 800 x 600, tops. My vision without my glasses is atrocious, but since I always wear my glasses I can still see my monitor just fine. I doubt this is the reason for anyone who is visually impaired as I presume they have some kind of corrective lenses.

In spite of my abilities to read my own web site just fine I still understand that for any number of reasons some other people may have trouble reading the web site with its current and long-standing color scheme. With the number of requests I have received as of late to change the color scheme, I am proposing this change by using the scheme you see used here.

Links will appear in yellow. Viewed links will appear in red.

I have chosen this scheme with the following criteria in mind:

I hope everyone (or at least most of you) will agree with this proposed change. If you have any comments on it, whether you agree or not, please let me know.. If you would like to suggest something different, please feel free to do so. If enough people suggest something different from what I have proposed I will consider it.

Once I have received enough feedback from people on the color scheme (I'll assume an overall lack of feedback, or a low number of disagreers means most people won't mind or really care about the change), I will begin implementing it in stages, as the web site is updated. As time allows the change would be applied to every page on this web site where the old color scheme is used.

New Diaper Discipline Survey Online

I am repeating this announcement this week, since I now have the responses online.

A new Diaper Discipline Survey is now online. As with the other surveys which have recently been revised, this one contains more questions and allows for more details to be reported. Some questions which appeared in the original survey were also eliminated.

Errors Corrected

The following is a list of errors that had been reported. Thank you to those of you who brought these problems to my attention. They have now been corrected: If you see a problem anywhere on the site, please take a moment to report it to me. A handy Error Report Form is provided for this very purpose. You will be helping out others as well as yourself by letting me know where probleme exist.

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!


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