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November 9, 2003

Late Again

Sorry about the late update again, folks. I had a lot of extra work this week, especially as I am in the process of revamping the survey forms. The time spent on debugging things and making sure there are no mistakes took more time and effort than I anticipated. If, in spite of my best efforts, you see something really screwed up, please let me know and
send me an email.

Because I was already running so late and had so few new drawings to post this week I did not add any more of them this time around. For those of you who look forward to seeing new drawings every week, I apologize, and I hope that I can make up for it the following week.

New Brother Survey Online

A new Survey for Brothers of Diaper Boys is now online. The survey is similar to the recently revised Survey for Sisters of Diaper Boys, but some of the questions and answers provided are different as some of the questions are more appropriate for one gender than the other, especially where the perceptions from other siblings are concerned. In the coming weeks I also plan to revise the Diaper Discipline survey and create a separate survey for adults, which will be largely similar to the new survey created for teens.

New Diaper Sighting Report Form

In my effort to make more improvements to the site, I have also revised the Diaper Sighting Report Form. The most significant changes are: The last item on the list was the particular reason that I was motivated to make these changes to the Sighting Reports. Last week I received too many reponses I didn't want to post for various reasons (namely girl sightings, "self" sightings, and sightings involving children as young as two years old, most of whom are still wearing diapers anyway). Implementing these changes should enable more control over what is posted, plus, the data has been made easier for me to process each week, requiring few manual steps in copying and pasting the data.

One sighting submittor last week asked why there were 11 new sightings reported and only three of them were listed. As it was the end of the month, the remaining sightings were listed at the end of October's list, with the other three being posted on November's list. I will make this more clear from now on when going into a new month.

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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