Deeker's Diaper Page

Calculation of Amount of Urine in a Diaper

This information provided to me courtesy of "Keith."

  1. First, know the weight of the diaper in ounces before use.
  2. Determine the weight of the used diaper in ounces.
  3. Subtract the weight of the unused from the weight of the used diaper.
  4. Divide this by 1.16666.
  5. This gives you the amount held by the diaper in ounces. To convert to cups, divide by 8.

To determine the weight of your urine, first weigh the container. Then put in several ounces of urine. Get an exact measurement, and weigh. Divide this by the number of ounces placed on the scale.

The weight varies, though not greatly, by the quantity of water you drink. I (Keith) drink lots because I had kidney stones several years ago and this is helps prevent them. You will be fairly close with the 1.16666 figure.