Things Taught By My Sisters Patti And Cheryl

On Diapering Boys, Especially Older Boys



Hi, our names are Patti, and Cheryl, and we are helping our oldest brother, Marc, in the adventure of writing and putting down this most important learning we’ve learned in raising our three brothers, two cousins, and many other boys we’ve change over the years, while they’ve been home schooled and brought up by us, 24/7 in nothing but Diapers and Plastic baby pants.


#1. Diapers are a sexual object, and sexual thing, and Mothers, Dads, Sisters, and Girls, that have a boy, or boys, that are in diapers, they should always be a part of His, sexual growing up.


Here let me explain just what I mean and how diapers are, and should become a sexual thing and also a sexual actual Stimulant to your Diaper-boy, from the earliest age, and growing up in Diapers. It all starts, Sisters, Girls, ladies, and Moms’ with boys in Diapers, doing your part correctly: It all starts with you doing your part, of your boys Diaper Changes, each and every time he is changed, as when you do it right, his baby mind adapts, to what you’ll discover is that he’s wearing a wonderful Sexual Stimulant, that is 24/7 at work.


Diaper Changes:

The changing of a Diaper-boys diaper should never be done by the boy or other boys, other that the father, or like an adult relative. Good Hygiene, and cleanliness, and also most importantly good preventative measures, by do very good application of a baby rash ointment, to prevent Diaper rash from accruing , in the first place. Yes, you are your boys, preventative measure to preventing diaper rash, and having good hygiene to his tiny-weenie, genital, and anal areas. As the Diaper-boy, has certainly, already shown and proven, his inability to do his own bathing, or genital hygiene.


Yes, when Diapering your Diaper-boy, proper application, or the Diaper Rash Ointment or Cream, Is a preventative, You should not just slap on or dab on the Diaper Rash Cream, No, by No, means! As it will not do its job, not will it do its, secondary job, as well.


#1. You should open the boys dirty diaper, and thoroughly clean him with baby wipes, both his butt, and anal area, then apply the Diaper Rash Cream, rubbing it in thoroughly, then if you haven’t already placed a fresh diaper under his butt do so. Then start on his Scrotal Sack, applying the cream, (remember this is a preventative therapy,) and rubbing it in is most important. Then go to his Penis- Tiny-Weenie, apply the Diaper Rash Cream, by rubbing it in, (this may cause some protest, or excitement out of your Diaper-boy, just take a firm hand with him. 99.9% of the time the boy regardless of age will have or get an erection.

Then on Diapering your boy, it is very important to have a very thick diapers, for various purposes, but two of the most important that I, will mention, is #1. for absorbance, and #2. is for sexual arousal, that I will talk about.


On pinning the boys diaper, for greater sexual arousal, and that your Diaper-boys diaper be applied properly, Always, start your pinning of the boys diaper, on the far side, away from you, and start with your first Diaper Pin, down at the thigh, drawing the Diaper, as tightly and snugly as possible before pinning it, the do the same with the next higher Diaper Pin, and so on. Note: The Diaper should fit at least as high as the boy’s belly, and higher is better.

*** Note: Then before starting the pinning of the side closet to you, recheck, and position Your, Diaper-boys, Penis, Tiny-Winnie, (if not already erect,) In the upward position, pointing up his belly.

This then will through out the day, and night, as your boys Diaper, gives Its, softness and constant firm pressure to his, (hopefully, nearly constant erection,) that constant awareness of arousal, making him want to rub the front of his Diaper, Diaper hump, or stimulate further that, that is already being so wonderfully around the clock stimulated by his sexual piece of wonderful clothing, His Thick, White, Diaper…