Silencing the Bulk & Such


By- Sebastian Ford




Well, hello boys and girls! You are reading this probably because you are curious, or because you wear diapers and want to be more subtle about it. Over the 20 years of my life, as a DL and bed-wetter, I have picked up a few pointers I want to share with all of you to make your diapered experiences as much fun as possible.




First off is the type of diaper you wear. How many adhesives does it have? How much noise does it make? Thickness? Color? Disposable/Cloth? Well, I've had experiences with all the types that I know of, I'll talk about the pointers and make some recommendations.




Very few cloth diapers have adhesives (they're Velcro if they're on cloth at all), most disposables have adhesives. The only things you have to worry about is the number and strength of the adhesives.


Two adhesives (like a common baby's diaper) is really easy to put on and change. They're perfect if you're the type of person that's always on the go, you wear diapers and do not (or prefer not to) use the toilet. The only problem is that I have never heard of any adult diaper that has just two adhesives (please, correct me if I'm wrong) so you'd have to be very small to fit into baby diapers.


Four adhesives (common to adult-sized diapers with no waistband) is practical if you don't want the diaper to rise up that much. It's good for discreteness, and works well, but sometimes (applies to guy's only) if you don't point your penis downward you can get some leakage out of the top. That's a pretty bad place to leak from. Also, they're kind of difficult to pull up and down like underwear (with the exception of Depend's refastenable underwear) so if you prefer to use the toilet sometimes, or might need to change out of them really quickly and save them for later, they aren't the diapers for you.


Six adhesives (common to most adult-sized diapers with a waistband) are good if you don't always want to use the diaper, or might need to take it off quickly and save it for later. They also have a waistband at the top, so guy's are less likely to leak if their penis is positioned upward. They only con is that, although some don't make much noise, they generally rise all the way up to your navel, so it's kind of hard to be discreet. But remember the pro, that they can be pulled up and down like average underwear.


No adhesives (Pull-ups & multiple underpants) are really good if you plan to use the toilet more than you use the diaper, and have plenty of time to change if you need it. Most of them make no noise, and they're widely available in many styles (Huggies Pull-ups/Pampers Easy-ups/Goodnities/Depend's refastenable & protective underwear) They're ideal for mild incontinence, and for DL's that want to wear diapers for fun but don't plan to use them (as they run pretty cheap); they do their job quite well, though.




This all falls under one little category because it all has a big impact on what type of clothes you can wear over them, as well as how you can wear them.


The noise factor of your diapers really puts a limit on what type of pants you can wear (I'll go into that later). Some crinkle much louder than others. If they're the silent type then you won't have to worry about the pants your wearing. I'll go into silencing the noise later.


The most common types of disposable diapers that make noise: Attends, Assurance, Depends (regular & overnight), Luvs. The most common types of disposable diapers that are silent: Depends (Pull-up & refastenable underwear), Goodnities, Huggies (refastenable & Pull-up), Pampers (regular, Easy-ups & Baby-dry)


How thick your diapers are has a limitation on how you can wear your shirt, as well as how long it has to be. Trust me, this'll have a BIG impact on how detectable your diapers are. I'll talk about cutting down on the bulk later.


Color isn't all that important, except that, if your diaper is of a dark color (like blue or green) then it's less likely to be identified as a diaper from a distance. I know it sounds strange, but wearing a diaper that's a little dark in color does help a bit. Certain types of Attend may come in blue; the old model of Depend comes in green.


Cloth vs. Disposable-


Ah, yes... the age old question. Which is better? Well, I'm not writing to make in-depth comparisons, just to inform, but if you're curious as to my opinion: I prefer disposables just slightly over cloth. And now the pro's and con's of both:


First off disposable are inexpensive. They can be found just about anywhere, they come in a variety of styles, with bulk and absorbency to fit any want or need. I could bet you that there is just one perfect, or at least near perfect, disposable out there for you. But there are a few cons, some of them make a crinkling noise (some people who wear diapers don't like this), they're not too good for the environment, and they give off a smell (after a few days of wearing them) that cannot be mistaken for anything else. Not only that, but some disposable have talcum powder inside of them (this is a pro for most of you) but for me, as well as the select few, I'm allergic.


Okay, now cloth are a mixed bag. Nowadays, once one is used you just throw it in the wash like any other article of clothing (no more boiling), also you don't throw them out until years after buying them, they're usually much more absorbent, a hell of a lot more comfortable, by themselves they make no noise, and for a plus (a minus from some points of view) they are generally pretty thick. But, if you want a decent cloth, you have to have the moola to back it up. They run anywhere from 20 to 60 dollars a piece (sometimes even more!). They're hard to find, most require plastic or rubber pants as well as pins (which will cost extra), as well as a lot of time to maintain. But, despite the hassles the pro's are what to remember.


Which is best for you all depends on your life style. If you're out going, not the sit-at-home kind of guy/gal, then disposable are for you. But if you're like me, with the in-crowd, then it's worth considering cloth diapers for all of the pro's that I have mentioned. I like them a lot, but I have few, they just cost too much money. Disposables are very practical, they come in a wider variety and some crinkle!




The clothing you pick to wear over your diapers is very important. The pants you wear, the shirt you wear, even the underpants you wear (if any) all have a great impact on how detectable your diapers are. I created this section based on my experiences and opinions with clothes and diapers.




Okay, let's assume you wear disposables. There's one pant type that you can wear over your diaper (assuming it's a noisy type) and I can guarantee you that noise will not be the reason you get discovered. I call them "swish pants". The stores might call them jogging or windbreaker pants. I call them "swish pants" because of the noise they make when you walk. They swish loudly. Any crinkling noises made by your diaper should be, for the most part, drowned out by the sound of the pants. Also, be sure to wear pants that are of a darker color, in case you have a leak, it won't be as easily spotted. Oh yes, there is one more thing I want to point out. If your diapers are of the thicker type then be sure to buy pants that are slightly larger than what you'd normally wear. The bulk of the diaper will take up some space, and if you don't want your butt to stick out like a sore thumb, then take this advice.


I want to make note that Jeans and Sweatpants really shouldn't be worn with diapers. The reason you shouldn't wear Jeans with your diapers is because most diapers tend to rise up too high and they'll peek out above your jeans. You shouldn't wear Sweatpants because, although they might keep you covered up high enough, they really don't do much for the noise... in fact, they do nothing. Now, if your diapers are the silent type, then disregard this and wear sweats all you want.




The shirt you wear over your diaper is not anywhere near as important as the pants. All that really matters is that your shirt covers, at the very least, your bellybutton. I recommend that you go even lower with the coverage because during the day you'll have to bend over at least once to pick something up. It would be a pity if your diaper showed peeking out of the top of your pants at say... school? Or how about at work, that would be good, wouldn't it? Well, my advice to you is to keep it tucked in if you don't want to be known as a diaper wearer.


If you don't have any long shirts, there is an alternative- undershirts. My best experiences say that tank-top undershirts (commonly referred to as A-shirts or "muscle shirts") are ideal if you're in diapers because you have to tuck them in. When you bend over to pick something up people will see your undershirt, not your diaper.


Like I said earlier on. If your diapers are pretty thick (I'm talkin' thick) then it is a good idea to wear a long shirt. Basically, all you have to do is wear your shirt like you normally would (not tucked in) along with an A-shirt (tucked in). Your long over shirt would be draped across your backside, hiding most of your thickly padded butt. If you don't have any long shirts don't worry, there is a good alternative. Just tie a sweat shirt around your waist and let it hang down on the back of your legs. It'll hide your diaper pretty well.




Ah, yes... underpants. Not too comfy, are they? While wearing them, wouldn't you give your right arm for a chance to sneak away to a dark corner of the room and quietly Pamper yourself? Yes? No? Not sure? Well, if you've just discovered the many joys of being diapered day and night, and your out on your own like I am, then you may have been a bit hasty and thrown out all of your non-absorbent underpants, thinking: "I've found better underwear!". If that's not the case, (whether you be a boy or a girl) I'll have you know that your underpants can still be put to good use. They are good for, and I quote: "Silencing the bulk". That was my original idea when I started to write this, to talk about how underpants could be combined with diapers then put to good use. Here we go:


1. Boxer Briefs/Jockey Shorts & Panties:


Boxer briefs, jockeys, and panties will naturally compress your diaper a bit. This not only forces your diaper to fit more comfortably, trim and snug, but also cuts down on the conspicuous bulk. They silence the noise a bit (assuming your diaper crinkles), and they also, at first glance (with pants down) make it look like your just wearing just plain underpants. My jockeys have saved me once from a lot of embarrassment; I was happily diapered only to have my pants pulled down by a Skate Rat in the crowded hallway of my old school. Boxer briefs work even better, I now wear them over my diapers all the time when I go to public places. I recommend wearing any of the undies specified above to those who want to be discreet.


2. Plain old boxer shorts:


Wearing boxers shorts over your diapers is, well... okay, I guess. They do absolutely nothing for the bulk or noise, but they are better than nothing. I really have worn boxers over my diapers just once, and I thought it was alright. No strong opinions this time, but it's worth a try.




Ah, perhaps swish pants aren't readily available where you live. Maybe your diapers are so loud that they just don't cut it. Or you might want to silence that bulk even more? Whatever your reasons are, here are a couple of everyday objects that you can carry around with you to help drown out the noise of your diapers.


The objects-


Okay, you might want to carry a set keys on the outside of your pants on a key chain. Three to four keys is a good number to have on the chain. Whether they're useless old keys or not, the jingling noise that they make will help silence your bulk. If you don't have enough keys to make jingle, or you want even more noise, try carrying a half-empty box of tick-tacks in your pocket. The loud rattling noise the mints make while in their plastic box will help even more. I usually carry three keys with me (used to open my apartment, my mail, and my car); keys work the best, though tick-tacks work just fine.




This is something I wasn't first planning on putting in, but I decided... what the heck!


I must say that I've tried this method of diapering myself and my friend at least a dozen or so times; it's no where near as effective as just wearing diapers, but it is perfect if you want to be subtle and you don't plan on using your "diaper" as much as the toilet.


            What's really neat about this is that it really doesn't matter whether you are a boy or a girl (as briefs and panties are pretty similar in material & design), as long as you don't wear just plain boxers and you have a minimum or at least five to fifteen pairs of underpants.


Number of underpants to use-


Well, that's all a matter of preference. It's also a matter of what you plan on doing in your "diapers". Just remember: the more you pile on, the more you will stick out.


For peeing only I recommend at least ten pair. Depending on what brand of underpants you have, their absorbency may vary. For me, being out of diapers is pretty rare, but since I'm a person whom loves to pee his pants when not in diapers, I'd say that (taking into account all the different types of underpants that I have) Fruit of the Loom brand are your best bet. Put on ten pair (or more if you pee a lot) and your butt should stick out like you've got a diaper on. I recommend on top of those ten that you put on two pair of black Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs (more leg coverage in case you leak, or whatever). You should be set for an average wetting.


For messing, I recommend, oh... seven pair or more. Just as with peeing, I recommend that you get Fruit of the Loom briefs because they seem to be pretty absorbent. Now, I'm not one who cares to mess out of a diaper, but my sister does. I spoke with her for help with this paragraph. Anyway, put on your seven pair of underpants, then slip on a single pair of dark yellow, black, or brown Fruit of the Loom Boxer briefs. No, you're set for a modest mess!


For both wetting and messing, I suggest at least twelve pair or more. I've done this a couple of times, and as you'd expect- Fruit of the Loom are the brand to go with. Put them on, all of 'em! Then slip on a few pair of dark Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs. Now you're set in a fairly absorbent diaper with no noise, but some bulk. Enjoy!




Bad smells-


Unfortunately, after a couple of days of wearing diapers you will start to smell like an unflushed toilet. Even if you normally don't use your diapers, you will start to smell like a diaper. It happens the fastest if you wear disposables, especially those with a chemical smell. It doesn't matter if you bathe frequently or infrequently, the smell's pretty much inevitable. It's the only unpleasant downside (that I can think of) that wearing diapers presents; it cannot be avoided. It's too bad you can't just shower off every time you need to be changed, but that's not always practical. Hopefully, I can help you with this problem.


Baby wipes & Talcum:


            Well, from what I have heard, Baby wipes work really well. Unfortunately, just as with Talcum, I am allergic to them. What am I allergic to, you might ask? The perfumes used in most wipes and Baby powder turns my face scarlet red and makes me quite irritable. There are probably a few of you out there that share my allergies (you unlucky people, you) and if you do, fear not, I can help you. I suggest you try using the little alcohol pads they sell at the pharmacies? Or maybe those mini cleanup pads that they give out at most fast-food restaurants? They work quite well, but, if you have really sensitive skin that has been irritated by urine or whatever, it's gonna sting, 'cause most of that stuff has alcohol in it. But, if you're not allergic to Baby wipes or powder, then I suggest that you use them.


Talcum does help, but I can't give a valid opinion about it because I haven't ever used it. If you're allergic like I am, instead of Talcum powder you could try using cornstarch. It'll absorb your urine just as well as Talcum does, though it won't do anything for the smell. Don't go overboard with the cornstarch, as your skin can absorb it, and that's kind of irritating.


Other ideas:


Well, if wipes and Talcum aren't available to you there are alternatives. You could just take a face cloth, soap, and water to your pubic area and give yourself a hefty scrub, but I know from experience that's kind of awkward to do in a public restroom. I suggest that you wear some type of perfume to help mask the smell. There are a couple of perfumes out there that don't bother me and if I don't have enough time to maintain myself like I usually do, I sprits my diaper area with some to keep my scent nice and fresh. Boys and girls who usually wear a lot of perfume or cologne (along with their diapers?) should try this.


You also might try changing yourself (or being changed) immediately after you wet or mess in your diaper.


Diaper rash-


Diaper rash usually happens when you've been sitting around in a wet or messy diaper for so long that it's irritated your skin. Sure, many of us like to sit in a wet or messy diaper (I love it!), but it has its drawbacks, and rash is one of them.


Note: Wipes are made to prevent rash, not cure it. If the person gets a rash, don't use wipes (it'll sting their butt!).




I want to note that, although I didn't write this to tell people how to change diapers, I wrote the following (about just that) because knowing how to change & put on a diaper is part of being subtle about it, it also makes it fun. Enjoy this part, though, I won't let myself get too side tracked.


Instructions on how clean a person off with a wipe:


If wet:


Boys are easy to wipe off; I've had a lot of experience in doing it, too! All you need to do is remove and discard the dirty diaper, then tenderly wipe the urine off the penis, testicles, and pubic hair (if any is present) with a single wipe, discard that wipe and get a fresh diaper ready! Simple, no?


Girls are a little more involved than boys, as a vagina has these creases of skin that you have to be sure to get clean (or there's gonna be a real uncomfy rash). I've had a few turns at changing my sister's diaper (she's a DL, too!). There's no real way to describe how to do it, just make sure you get every nook 'n cranny of those creases. Just as with boys, remove and get rid of that dirty diaper, then you're ready. It'll take two to three wipes at least and twice as much time. Fetch the wipes, clean the vagina & creases thoroughly (one wipe for each crease), wipe the sides of the butt (as girls' urine comes out at a lower position), and the pubic hair (if any is present), then discard those wipes and get a fresh diaper ready!


I want to make a note that, although it's not too sanitary, a person can go for a few wettings without a wiping, especially a boy. But, to girls and those that change girls: be careful, they rash much easier than boys.


If messy:


Now, I've changed quite a few messy diapers in my time. It didn't matter whether it was a boy's or a girl's; it's always done the same way, unless it's REALLY messy. I don't recommend changing your own messy diaper, as it is kind of hard to see what you're doing, and you might, well... make a mess.


For the average mess: you'll need a pair of rubber gloves (optional), and three to four wipes.


A messy diaper is changed a little differently than a wet one. The first thing you gotta do is open the diaper up so you can see what you're dealing with. Is it solid? Is it runny? Is there a lot, or a little? Some messes are more challenging than others. No matter what it looks like or how much of it there is; take a single wipe and give that butt a quick rub down (to get rid of the smaller bits of the mess), be real sure to get inside of the crack. When finished with the rub down, put the soiled wipe inside the diaper then remove the it with both hands (if runny, be careful not to spill anything). Tape and ball it up nicely, then get rid of that diaper! Once that's taken care of, take the rest of the wipes you've set aside and give the entire butt a good cleaning. Be sure to get the crack, the hole, and the cheeks If necessary, give the genitals a quick rub (that should only be needed if it was "REALLY messy"). When you're done, the person should feel fresh & clean. Discard the soiled wipes and get a fresh diaper ready!


Applying talcum powder (or other type of powder) on a person:


In four years of being a DL I've powdered many butts, including my own. Whether you’re powdering a happy girl, or a lucky boy, it's always done the same way. I love it! This has to be my second favorite part of a diaper change, because, well... I don't know why but I get these special feelings for the person who's butt & genitals I am powdering (or they are powdering my butt & genitals with cornstarch) It's just so magic, and I'm sure some of you can relate...


Talcum powder is used to absorb any urine and/or semi-solid feces that comes in contact with the skin. Cornstarch works practically the same way, but (I must stress this) if you're using it instead of talcum, be sure to use it sparingly, it doesn't feel too pleasant when it gets absorbed by the skin (I should know).


The method I use:


Generally, it gets put on right before you seal up put the new diaper. The person should be comfortably laying down on a bed or changing table; the new diaper should be set and opened up beneath them. To put it on, first you would lift (or you would have them lift) their legs high up in the air and hold them there, then lightly powder their bottom with a tablespoon or so of talcum. I usually giggle at this part, it makes me so happy! Lower their legs once you're done and tape/pin/Velcro that diaper up!

As you are doing it, keep in mind that the main thing you're aiming for is their butt, not their crotch. When a person pees in a diaper, it usually dribbles downward towards their butt. There it resides for a second, then gets absorbed (or leaks). It's extra important to make sure that you powder a girl's butt real good, because their pee comes out much lower than a boy's. Put a bit more powder on a boy's genitals, because their genitalia is external and covers more of an area.


Diapering an individual:


I've diapered babies, children, teens and adults; it's quite special. Except for one time with a friend and a dozen or so times with myself, it was all with disposables. Disposables are very fun to diaper with, and they're easy to master. Because I haven't quite got the knack of cloth down yet, I'm only going to talk about diapering with disposables. But, I will go a little in to cloth (just one folding method and how to put it on a person). Enjoy.


First thing you need to know is... how many adhesives does it have. The most common number of adhesives for a diaper to have is: two, four, six, or none. Also, if you're new to being the diaperer I recommend that you take off their shirt while you diaper them (it helps to have as little getting in the way as possible, including their clothes).


If the diaper has two adhesives, then it's easy to put on. Lay them down on a bed or changing table and pull down their pants/undies. Take a diaper from the package and open it up. Lift, or have them lift, their legs and slide the diaper under them with the untaped tapes beneath them. Keep their legs up if you want to add any powders. Their legs are down. Undo the side tapes then firmly pull the diaper up between their legs. Put the front of the diaper on their navel (or as close as you can get it) and apply the tapes to the sides of the diaper. The diaper should be secure, and they should be very happy with the job you did!


If the diaper has four adhesives, it will be quite tricky to put on. Lay them down on a bed or changing table and pull down their pants/undies. Take a diaper from the package and open it up. Although they should be perfectly capable of it, for fun (and if they desire it) lift their legs up high and slide the diaper under their butts with the untaped tapes under them. Keep their legs up if they want powder. Undo the side tapes, then firmly pull the diaper up between their legs. Set the front of the diaper on their navel (it will probably reach, but if not, get it as close as you can) and here's the tricky part. Take the lower set of tapes and set them to the lower part of the diaper first. Make sure they're set properly and not touching skin (getting your skin irritated by tape sucks). Take the top tapes and set them as close to the top of the diaper as they will go. It's kinda hard to get right, so if it's crooked redo the tapes before they set. If properly placed you should be finished. They should be very happy with the diaper you just put them in.


If the diaper has six adhesives, then it won't be too hard to put on. Like with all the other types of diaper, lay them down on a bed or changing table, and take down their pants/undies. Take a diaper from the package and open it up. Although they should be able to, for fun (and only if it's their bag) lift their legs and slide the diaper under their butt with the six untaped tapes under them. Keep their legs up if you're going to use powders. Pull the diaper tight between their legs and undo the side tapes. Set the middle tapes first, and make sure the diaper is on straight. Once you're done with that set the lower tapes, followed by the top tapes. It should be really easy to put on after you're sure the diaper is straight. Once the tapes are set you're done, and you've got a happily diapered friend.


If the diaper doesn't have any adhesives, then it's put on like plain underwear. Heck, they could do that themselves, right? Well, that's boring, and if you want to diaper a person with the real authentic style and feel that an AB/DL loves, you'd have to do the following. Take off their shoes, socks (optional), pants, and of coarse, underpants. Lay them down on a bed or changing table and make sure they're nice & comfy. Tell them to put their legs up, add any powders you'd like to, and slide the diaper on them, pulling it up firmly from the waist so it puts pressure on their crotch & tummy. They should be diapered and they should be very happy with the nice job you did. Sounds fun, no?


I want to make two small notes on disposables. Other than making sure it's not crooked, you should also make sure that you're not taping the absorbent padding on the diaper. If you are, the tapes will slowly pull on that padding and shred the diaper from the inside out, making it no where near as absorbent. Secondly, I recommend changing the diaper (whether used or unused) every eight hours, because with cheap & generic brand disposables, the sweat will make them clump together on the inside.


Cloth diapers/Kite folding method:


Okay, since I really don't wear cloth diapers that much, I don't know too many folding methods and I don't have too much advice to give on cloth diapers. However, here's the common folding method that I prefer to use, told in simple step-by-step instructions. I actually had to diaper my friend with cloth to remember how to do it! I suggest that you buy some cloth diapers off the net if you want to try this method, or at least talk to someone who knows something about sewing & cutting.


You start with a square of cloth. Don't put the person on the square yet; place it in front of you diagonally. Next, fold the right and left corners towards the center. It should come together to make a pattern that resembles kite. Now, fold the broad corner in with the other corners. It should look like a diaper now! Next, you fold the bottom edge up to adjust for length; don't mess with the side edges yet. It should be ready now!


Lay the person on top of the diaper with the long point coming up between their legs. Once they're laying comfortably atop the diaper, raise (or have them raise) their legs to add any powders. Bring the long point up between the their legs as close to their belly button as it will go. Finally, position the top edges around their waist and keep it up snugly with two diaper pins (one in each side). Be careful not to poke the person you're diapering with the pins! Once you're finished diapering them, and they've had a moment to enjoy their diaper; they should be very happy with the job you just did.


Excuses for being diapered:


Someone's one smelt pit your diaper, or maybe they saw your diaper, or found your stash, right? Well, if it's a parent you might want to be honest (unless for some reason, I.E. fear, you don't want to). But if it's a friend, then you can white-lie if you want to. Here are some common excuses I can come up with-


If they smelt diaper-


"Yeah... I know! It's a new cologne! Isn't is disgusting? I'm not wearing that again!"


And make sure you don't smell the next time you see them!


(only if you're in a public place): "Well let me see... we're in a crowded place and you think that smell you're smelling is coming from me?"


Be a bit hostile... but don't overdo it, and don't be defensive or too eager to track down the smell..


If they saw the diaper-


"It's a bandage... I had recent surgery down there, it kinda sucks."


Hey, depending on your life style (in to sports, perhaps?) it could be the case! Be careful not to invoke pity!


(only if they're understanding)- "I've got the shits, man!"


I've actually used this one...


(Only if they're understanding)- "It's for the cold medicine I'm taking!"


Never used this one, but I heard that some cold medicines can make you partly incontinent.


If they found your stash-


"Yeah... this is gonna sound kinda weird but my Grandma was just staying with us, in my room, and she needs those things... so I had to keep them kinda handy."


Hopefully they'll listen to all that, and hopefully they won't know if you don't have the Grandma.


"They're for a school experiment."


Say it's for science, and they might believe you.


Getting caught putting on a diaper-


Unless you say they're for the cold medicine you're taking they only thing you can say is... "YIPE!" and hope they're understanding or open to fetishes. This has never happened to me, and has no reason to now, but it is my biggest nightmare.




My name is Sebastian Ford. I'm 20 years old; very tall, very thin, and very white. I live with my roommate & friend: Peter Wolfe. (Peter wants me to say that he's big, black, and proud of me!) We share a room in Pennsylvania and we've been friends since we were, well... still in diapers. We're both diaper lovers; I've been back since I was sixteen (Peter joined me a year later).


I started to want to wear diapers pretty much to control my bed-wetting problem. Bed-wetting sucks, and if you ask me diapers are one of the best choices you can make. At first... I'm not going to lie. At first I hated my diapers, I felt like they were a crutch. It was after a few weeks of wearing them that I developed a bond with my diapers. They started to feel kinda nice against my backside, my genitals, and my stomach... even just touching their outside shell made me want to giggle, 'cause it crinkles! I started wearing them during the day, and started using the toilet less frequently. I won't go into what type of family life I was living in at the time, but eventually they'd find out that I was wearing diapers during the day and when they did... they really didn't mind at all. In fact, they endorsed it, because it was my mother who first bought me the diapers (both Depend & Attend, if you are curious) to wear because of my "bed-peeing problem". I had a diapered high-school life.


I reacquainted Peter with diapers three years ago, during one of our overnight get-togethers. I won't go into the details as to how or why I showed him the diapers (saving them for a juicy story) but, let me say this... I changed him and he loved it; I sent him home with some diapers and in some diapers.


I must make note that Peter and I are both aspiring writers... I gotta admit that Pete did kinda help me get through my writer's block on this, but he doesn't want to be called the co-writer this time, this is the only type of acknowledgment he wants. He's good and modest, I guess...


I'm gonna keep with my writing. At the moment we're (Peter and I) are writing something for the Karisplayground, and I'm working on something myself. To all the little and big DL writers out there... writing is hard, but very rewarding.


That's it! Hope this has been of some help to all of you... Keep it real and stay diapered.