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Sales of Pull-Ups® and Goodnites®

Submitted March 18, 2001

Wondering what parents are buying for their kids? This survey was completed by a regional chain with stores from California to Kentucky. Below is what was found for one store in the Midwest.



What is this information telling us...

On the average, Pull-ups for Boys out sold Pull-ups for Girls. With that, boys of course, are likely to be bedwetters. Since Goodnites are designed for both sexes, it is really hard to say who is wearing them, boys or girls. Well, I think we all know that answer... BOYS! It was also interesting to see that the sales on boys' protective underwear were constant, unlike the girls. The only spike of sales for boys was Extra Large Pull-ups. We saw a 20% increase during the Holiday Season. Does this tell us that boys are more excited during that time frame and are prone to bedwetting or pants-wetting during the daytime.

Now, we need a survey on boys and girls that don't use Pull-ups or Goodnites, but use regular disposable diapers and or cloth diapers and plastic pants.