Rules for Diaper Boys


by Diaper Boy Mommy

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I'm a mommy who thinks that boys shouldn't be potty trained until they're at least 16 years old. All "little boys" 15 years old and younger should wear diapers 24 hours a day, every day.


Mommy wants you to stay a little boy forever. And maybe you want to be a little boy forever, too. The best way to do this is to be a diaper boy.


Here are the rules that all of mommy's diaper boys must follow.


Rule 1: You must follow all of mommy's rules.


The first rule is a silly rule, but it's very important. You must always follow all of mommy's diaper boy rules. There are no exceptions.


Some of the rules might be hard to follow at first. But soon they'll be easy, and you'll wonder why all boys don't follow them.


Rule 2: Only girls and older boys are allowed to use the potty.


When you're older, mommy will potty train you. But until then you're not allowed to use the potty. The potty is only for girls and older boys. Mommy's little boy isn't old enough to be potty trained yet.


Rule 3: You must always wear your diapers.


You have to wear your diapers all day. You're never allowed to take them off. Only mommy and other people who sometimes change you are allowed to take off your diapers. The only times you won't be wearing a diaper are: (i) when you're getting changed into a clean diaper, and (ii) when you're taking a bath.


Also, you're not allowed to wear any other clothes -- only diapers. The house will always be warm enough, so you won't need to wear any other clothes.


Rule 4: Always use little boy words.


This set of rules tells you what words little boys should call various things.


Rule 4.1: Always use the word "peepee".


All boys have one between their legs, and you should always call it your "peepee". You might hear older boys use words like "dick" or "cock", but it's bad for little boys like you to use words like that.


Say this practice sentence out loud: "I'm a little boy who wears diapers, and I have a peepee."


Rule 4.2: Always use the word "balls".


The sac below your peepee is called your "balls". That's because there are two balls inside it!


Say this practice sentence out loud: "I have balls because I'm a boy. All boys have balls."


Rule 4.3: Always use the word "butt".


Your "butt" is what you sit on.


Say this practice sentence out loud: "My butt has two cheeks with a crack in the middle."


Rule 4.4: Always use the word "butthole".


The hole between your butt cheeks is called a "butthole".


Say this practice sentence out loud: "Mommy always makes sure my butt and butthole are clean before she puts a new diaper on me."


Rule 4.5: Always use the word "pee".


The yellow stuff that comes out of your peepee is called "pee". Little boys like you pee in your diaper. Girls and older boys pee in the potty.


Say this practice sentence out loud: "I pee a lot when I drink too much soda."


Rule 4.6: Always use the word "poop".


The stinky stuff that comes out of your butthole is called "poop". Little boys like you poop in your diaper. Girls and older boys poop in the potty.


Say this practice sentence out loud: "I poop in my diaper every day."


Rule 4.7: Always use the word "boner".


It's very common for boys' peepees to get hard when they're getting changed into a new diaper. When your peepee is hard, it's called a "boner".


After a boy starts puberty (around age 12) he gets boners all the time -- even when he's not getting his diaper changed.


Say this practice sentence out loud: "I get lots of boners because I'm a horny diaper boy."


Rule 4.8: Always use the word "cum".


After you start puberty, sometimes white stuff will squirt out of your peepee. That white stuff is called "cum".


Say this practice sentence out loud: "It feels good when my peepee squirts cum in my diaper."


Rule 5: You can pee and poop whenever you need to.


One of the best things about being a diaper boy is that you can pee and poop anytime you want. You don't have to worry about getting up and going to the potty.


If you're drinking a soda while watching TV, and you feel like you have to pee, just start peeing. Your diaper will fill up with pee and get soggy, but mommy will eventually change it for you.


If you're playing a video game after dinner, and you feel like you have to poop, just start pooping. Your diaper will fill up with poop and get stinky, but mommy will eventually change it for you.


Rule 6: Mommy can see all of your body parts.


Mommy will change your diaper several times a day. And while your diaper is being changed, you'll be totally naked. Mommy will see you naked whenever you take a bath, too.


Every day mommy will see your peepee, your balls, your butt, and your butthole. Also, most boys' peepees get hard when they're getting changed, so mommy will see your boner, too.


As you grow up, mommy will see how your body changes as you go through puberty.


Mommy knows everything about her little boy. How much hair you have above your peepee, on your balls, and in your butt. How big your peepee is when it's soft and when it's hard. You can't hide anything from mommy or the other people who change you.


Rule 7: You're only allowed to be friends with other diaper boys.


You'll have lots of friends. Little boys like you like to play with other boys -- they don't like playing with girls. So, even though sometimes girls will see you wearing your diapers, all of your friends will be boys. Also, all of your friends will be diaper boys who follow the same rules as you. Sometimes their mommies will bring them over to play at your house, and sometimes mommy will take you over to play at their house.


You'll have lots of diaper boy internet friends, too.


Rule 8: Your friends will watch you get your diaper changed.


If you need to get your diaper changed, and you're playing with a friend, he'll watch you get changed. He'll watch mommy take off your diaper. He'll see your peepee, and your balls, and your butt, and your butthole. He'll see your boner, if your peepee gets hard. He'll see mommy clean you and put a new diaper on. And then when you're all done getting changed, you and your friend can go play some more.


Rule 9: You will watch your friends get their diapers changed.


You'll see all of your friends getting their diapers changed, too. You'll know what all of your friends' peepees look like, how much hair they have, and how big their boners are.


It's common for boys to get boners when they're watching their friends getting changed. So, your peepee and your friend's peepee will probably both be hard while he's getting his diaper changed.


Rule 10: You must follow all of the horny diaper boy rules.


These rules are for boys who already reached puberty. But younger boys can read them and practice them, too, so they know what to expect when they get a little older.


After boys reach puberty, they're horny almost all the time. Mommy understands that it's natural for boys to get boners and feel horny. That's part of being a boy. But even though your body is maturing, it doesn't mean that you can't continue wearing diapers and be mommy's little boy. Here are the rules that horny diaper boys always have to follow.


Rule 10.1: You're never allowed to think horny thoughts about girls.


Little boys aren't supposed to be interested in girls. So, none of your sexual thoughts should involve girls.


You should focus all of your sexual energy on little boy things. All of your horny thoughts should be about diapers and peepees. Little boys are very curious about peepees. They're interested in both their own peepee and other boys' peepees.


Rule 10.2: You're never allowed to put your hands inside your diaper.


Sometimes you might want to touch your peepee -- especially if it's hard and you're feeling horny. It's OK for you to make your peepee feel good, but you have to do it without touching it with your hands.


Rule 10.3: You can only masturbate using the "diaper boy method".



It's very natural and healthy for boys to masturbate. There's nothing at all wrong with it, and you're allowed to make your peepee feel good as much as you want -- as long as you use the "diaper boy method" of masturbation.


The proper way for diaper boys to masturbate is to rub the front of their diaper against things. Diaper boys often lie on their bed on their belly and rub their diaper against their mattress -- sometimes with a pillow between their legs. You can experiment with rubbing your diaper against all sorts of things.


Also, you're allowed to masturbate anywhere in the house. For example, you can do it in the living room while watching TV, etc.


It feels good when the soft cloth of your diaper is rubbing against your peepee. It's your soft diaper that's making your peepee feel so good.


When you're masturbating, you should concentrate on how good your diaper is making your peepee feel. Or you can think about your diaper boy friends' peepees and how good their peepees feel when they masturbate this way.


Diaper boys often masturbate together. And sometimes they rub the fronts of their diapers against each other to make both of their peepees feel good at the same time.


If you keep rubbing the front of your diaper on something, eventually your peepee will feel so good that it will squirt cum in your diaper.


Rule 10.4: You can't hide your cum


Along with pee and poop, cum is one of the types of messes that little boys make in their diapers. When mommy changes you, she'll always look for cum stains in your diaper. Sometimes they'll be dry cum stains, and sometimes they'll still be moist and gooey. Mommy will draw attention to it (even when your friends are watching you get changed) by saying things like, "It looks like mommy's little boy cummed since the last time his diaper was changed." Mommy knows everything that goes on inside her little boy's diaper -- everything.




If you read this far, you must be a boy who would like to follow all of mommy's diaper boy rules. And guess what... you're not alone. There are lots and lots of boys who would like to wear diapers and be a little boy forever.


If you have any comments or questions about mommy's diaper boy rules, or if you have suggestions for other rules, you can e-mail me (or chat on MSN messenger) at: (addressed removed).


Posted 02/08/09