Deeker's Diaper Page


The following has been sent to me courtesy of [email protected], with the exception of the first one, which is my own.

There once was a poor wiper,
Whose underwear smelled all the riper.
His mom hated the stains,
On the seat of his Hanes,
So she decided to put him in diapers.

Billy was learning to dance,
When he suddenly peed in his pants.
His instructor put diapers,
Inside of his jodpurs,
Thus greatly inproving his stance.

He didn't know how to explain,
That unspeakable outstanding stain,
That had formed on his bed.
As his face it turned red,
And a diaper now pause certaine'.

A very bad boy
Took a great deal of joy
In wetting and pooping his jeans.

His parents then wrote us,
And said, "You can quote us:
'We'll diaper him now by all means.'"

I don't know what I should do,
I've pissed till I've filled up my shoe.
I've never been riper,
For wearing a diaper,
And now that I am, I can poo.

The door, alas ,is locked,
And I am standing, shocked.
I finally go,
And go and go and go,
'Til I've filled up both shoes and my socks.

I was having a terrible dream,
When I let out a warm and wet stream.
Upon seeing my bed,
My dear Mommy said,
"Tonight you'll wear diapers, I deem."

There once was a fella named Pat,
Who slept on a very thick mat.
The reason was this,
He often would piss,
And then sometimes he even shat.

This boy I know really was hyper;
A constant and consummate griper
His Mother decided,
This could be derided,
By putting him back in a diaper.

One time when I really was ill,
My P.J's I started to fill.
The lump, it grew larger,
Like some kind of charger.
And guess what? I wear diapers still.

She really left nothing to chance,
She knew what I was at a glance.
She kept me around,
All diapered and bound.
And now I must poop in my pants.

A true artist, I,
Can't help being shy.
I try and I try and I try,
To be like the others,
Who booringly smother,
The thinking class, that's you and I.

Diapers and pins,
And infantile whims,
Win very few friends for the few.
But the ones who accept,
Are truly adept,
And probably geniuses, too.

At ten I was given a nanny,
Who's insight was really uncanny;
She knew at a glance
That I'd sure wet my pants
And diapered my poor little fanny.

At my desk in the middle of school
I let out a smelly wet stool
My classmates were curious
My teacher was furious
And now I'm the class diapered fool.