Pedophilia Versus AB/DL and How Society Mislabels


Much of the AB/DL world is misunderstood. There are stories out there, like the one in Utah, where a man flashes his diaper in front of school-aged kids. The thing people forget about this, is even before the diapers, this guy was a sexual offender. I don't have statistics on this, but I am willing to bet that less than 10% of all AB/DL persons are indeed sex offenders.


Pedophiles are interested in one thing and one thing only: a sexual interest for children. Now, where does it say they are interested in being adult babies or diaper lovers? It doesn't even fit the criteria for what these people do. Maybe the person in Utah did like wearing diapers, but the difference between a person wearing diapers and a person interested in children, is the very fact that the former doesn't harm anyone. It is merely a harmless fetish, unless it interferes with one's well being, or the self.


William Windsor, aka Heidi Lynn, is an example of what an AB/DL is. He liked to wear baby clothes and diapers in public. While I would never wear a diaper in public, it is much a private matter to me, there is no law that says that is wrong to do. I am still trying to understand adult babies. The mysterious thing is that there is nothing in the past that suggests Mr. Windsor suffered any abuse at the hands of his parents, so that doesn't explain why he engages in this behavior.


I am not condemning his behavior at all. That is his choice to go out in public and do that. Some AB/DL's are exhibitionists, that like to show off their kinks, and others are not. I happen to be one that is not. I still want to follow societal norms, that as an adult, you do adult things in public, like go to school, or pay the bills. The point is, because of these norms, AB/DL's are viewed in a negative light.


That, they are bad people, because they want to molest kids. I bet that you couldn't spot most AB/DL's in public, because many of them choose not to exhibit this behavior. It could be a co-worker, friend, professor, people that shop around a local store. I do not want to reveal my identity, as I feel that I have a reputation to protect. I can tell you that I have my own place, I go to college and have a pretty good life, considering the circumstances that have happened in my life.


So, before you go and judge someone, because they may have a kink, just remember that they are everyday people like you or me. We, as a society, need to accept people's differences, maybe not to like them, but to tolerate others. There is just too much hate in the world we need to deal with, without having to ostracize AB/DL's.


-Done by A.J.