Is There Anything Wrong With Wearing Diapers?

The following article was submitted by an online colleague who would prefer to remain anonymous. I felt that it was worthy of inclusion on my web page as I agree with the points that this individual has made. Please note, however, that I am not the author of this article.


The following statements are my search for finding some kind of sense in all this confusion.

As a child I had to wear diapers, as most kids did, but I was made to wear them after 8 years old until I was about 10 or 11 because of my mother wanted to control my sexual development. To keep me from masturbating and wetting my bed I was forced into diapers almost full time both day and night, play or school. At times it was embarrassing, other times it was pleasant. When I was being weaned out of the diapers I felt naked and exposed, but most of all very confused. I had connected sexual arousal with the wearing of diapers. I would be spending much of my life trying to sort it all out.

I have come to the following conclusions that there is really nothing wrong or immoral with diaper wearing, anymore then the wearing of any other kind of underpants or clothing. Also I have concluded that sexual experiences are normal and necessary for human well being, wither gay or straight, all sexual contact is the same, or has the same 'mechanics'. Each has its own expression of love, desire, caring, feeling etc.

Nothing is wrong or immoral in what we wear, only in the way the observer interprets it. Sex is normal human activity. We are sexual beings from birth to death, our creator made us that way. Problems are quickly to arise when that fact is forced to change. When over-concerned parents interfere with our sexual systems we are set up for future trouble.

This is not to say that while we are children we don't need to be guided and trained. We do, but guided and trained in truth with honesty and understanding, along with facts that are understood by the child, then we could all grow up with healthy sexuality as well as we do in many other categories of our lives.


It is a fact that wearing diapers is not sexual in itself any more then wearing cloth underpants is sexual. However, both diapers or underpants can become a sexual symbol. If you stop to think about it, underpants come in all colors and styles. Why, why not just make drab plain-fitted underpants, no one will see them unless we allow it. But NO. we have speedos, we have bikini cut, high rise, low rise -- What purpose does style or color have to do with underpants... Will it is simple, they make us feel sexy when wearing them.

Diapers are the same. No one may ever see them on us unless we want them to. They serve the purpose they are designed along with making the wearer feel comfortable, safe and of course, sexy.

As with all kinds of clothing, diapers are, by design, built to cover the body area that so easily upsets the few in society that for some reason or other can't handle the sight of another naked body. So, as already mentioned, diapers cover those areas much better then any underpants or bikini, etc. So again I ask, What is the big deal should I or my friends desire to wear a diaper for what ever purpose we want it for?

Most diaper wearers do wear them just for the pleasure it provides. Many others use them because they have the need to do it.

My heart goes out to those that do not function in bladder or bowel. They can get flak from unkind folk that have no understanding whatsoever. No child wets the bed or his pants on purpose and parents need to know this. No parent wants their child to depend on a diaper after the few years of life, if only the parent could spend a few days in the body of their child to understand the embarrassment of wetting pants and being teased by peers and adults. They need to understand what it is like to turn down a much-desired sleep over with their best friend because of fear of wetting the bed.

"Good land Parents!", wake up and use some common sense......... Isn't better to be dry in the morning, to wear dry pants all day long and be able to play with other kids, go to sleep overs? Or do you enjoy giving abuse to your wetter? I plead with you, stop the abuse, the name calling, the punishment and get those kids into a diaper, build up their self confidence, give the love you say you have for them. Please do not allow your selfishness, your self esteem to stand in the way of a happy child.

Now I had my say, I know what I am talking about, I had been punished, humiliated, made fun of and called names, not just by a few peers but by my parents for wetting, both bed and pants. I just could not help it, yet I was lead to believe I was a naughty boy that had no consideration for the extra work I caused my mother. When I was just about ready to give up the need for diapers my mother used them as punishment because I had just found out I was a boy and began to play with myself at night. So back on the diapers as punishment for the next few years. To school, at play, in the house, and bed time.

Because of all this needless concern I ended a victim of some sexual abuse because I had no one to talk too about either wetting or the playing. I had connected diapers with sex; is it any wonder? This one fact has caused me undo confusion and problems for many years. Don't do this to your kids.

So please, if your child has to wear diapers don't make a big deal out of it. Let him know you understand and accept him and will LOVE him no matter what. I think you will have a boy or girl out of diapers sooner then you thought, only give them a chance. Let them give up worrying about it, They have enough worry as it is. Listen to them, when they need to talk about anything, be there in body and spirit, and please trust them, when they are ready to give up the diaper, they will.

One more thing, and this is most important........ Communicate around and find another diaper wearer in your child's age group. They will become close friends to be a help for each other. Communicate with the other kids parents and let the kids know you are on their side.

I am sure you will find several in your own community. Think not? Shop around and see how many disposable diapers are for sale. Watch and see how fast the shelves need restocking. Notice how many diapers are made for youth. Do you really think the stores stock them just to look at? Of course not, they are being used.


Try walking down main street of a city wearing nothing but a diaper (or underpants) and see what happens. I tell you what, they will either be glad or mad! But they will notice you.

Let a two year old do the same thing and watch the smiling faces, "Oh, how cute" "My isn't he (she) a darling". Makes you just want to go over and give him a hug, doesn't it?

If a 6 to 10 year old child does it, the frowns began, with some. Any older than that and they just may call the cops. What a shame! How comfortable and cool on a hot summer day to be outside wearing nothing but a diaper or underpants. Girls are now walking all over some warm beaches and streets wearing nothing but a string bikini. That's the kind that runs up the butt crack with nothing... but a string. That is now considered fashionable. Nice, too! However, a diaper covers much better as anyone can see.

That last statement about being well covered comes from my mother. She would keep two or three little boys during the day sometimes. It was one of her sayings when it got so hot and sweaty outside, she would let the little kids play in the back yard with only a diaper or underpants. Mom would say, "Wish I was young enough to get that cool." And mom was not at all fetish about anything, she was strict about keeping anything sexual or what she may think was sexual out of sight. If I would try to take one of the kids to the park, without getting them fully dressed she'd have a fit, even if they were well covered by a diaper. But in the house or backyard she thought it cute. She had always confused me.

Please don't misunderstand me...... I am very much aware that wearing just a diaper after the age 6 or 7 would not be acceptable attire in our society or even in most others. However, if one stops to think about it, outside of the attitude of some people, what makes a diaper worn by an older child or adult so wicked? Why do some people feel so uncomfortable when the see an older child or adult wearing a diaper, or even think they may be wearing one?

I am not sure I can explain this so everyone will be able understand it. Those who know what I am talking about do understand. The rest will not understand and will continue to find some kind of 'joke' in the outward wearing of either diapers or underpants. What would be the difference between them? It is not pornographic in itself, but becomes so only in the mind of the beholder. Besides, what is wrong about feeling sexy for any reason?

It is perfectly normal to become sexually aroused. One does not need a reason. Children in diapers or adults in diapers both are well covered as far as the genitals are concerned. To see either a child or an adult in nothing but a diaper is the same as observing them in underpants. If one feels safe wearing underpants he should feel equally safe in diapers, being covered by outer clothing of course. People who wear diapers are as careful as those who wear underpants for not offending others by their appearances.

However, there is a rush of excitement by allowing some one else, whether stranger or friend, to see us in our diapers. The same thing holds true with underpants. Humans can feel sexy in underpants and not give it a second thought but if some one is wearing a diaper and gets sexy then they treat him as if he was some kind of sexual pervert. That is hard to understand.


Feeling sexy in both a diaper or underpants or even a bikini, so what? One of my pet peeves is a group of sexy females parading down the beach, or even on the street, wearing nothing but a string bikini, you know, the ones with the string running up their rear crack and almost as little in front whose nipples hang over what ever that string is for around their chest. They neither get arrested nor stopped or questioned.

But my peeve is this, a guy over 13, maybe younger, goes walking on the beach in a big full diaper could be the laughing stock for years to come. He could be sent to jail or nut house for insanity.

My next peeve is society calling everything deviation that don't suit their idea of 'normal'. I am a heterosexual by choice and by birth. I have learned that homosexual people are just the same as "us". Do the same things, 'in bed', except of having vaginal intercourse. Heterosexuals do every thing a gay person does plus have vaginal intercourse. Yes, the sex is different (Boys and Girls) but the acts are the same. Someone may say the gay is more silly and puts on airs about his sexuality. Hey! I know several heterosexuals that act as if they are Mr. sex himself. So What!

Homosexuals like to partner with same sex. They do not, I repeat, do not molest children, unless they are not true gays. They, also, do not cause baby killing by abortion. Their orgasms are exactly the same as a straight person. They love with the same passion. I may be able to say, they love even more then some straight I know.

I am not selling homosexuality, I am only making a honest observance.

Then there are those that get upset because some TV cartoon character wears purple and carries a purse (magic pocket) calling him gay. Then there is the underwear advertisement by Calvin Klein showing children jumping on a davenport. How anyone can call that pornography is beyond me. Huggies, Pampers and other baby products advertise with live babies and older boys, these are called cute, which they are, but again, some small group would want them off the air. Did not they know the same GOD made our bodies that made our souls? Did he not make us sexual and build in our drives so we would need sex? Did he not create everything for our enjoyment and well being?

To say no to any of the above is to say maybe the devil made our sexual nature, gave us the drive, However my Bible tells that the devil came to this earth only to ROB, STEAL and DESTROY, But God sent His Son that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Sometime I find the religious leaders very confusing. So many times they try to tell us that God made a mistake when he made sex, others try to teach that it was the devil that made sex. They call what God made, evil. Well, it is not evil at lest not in itself.

Now I have that off my chest, I feel better, but the peeves don't seem to go away.


Is it OK for a child to feel sexual? Some parents would just as soon take the child's genitals and hang them in some dark closet until they are about 18 or later, maybe never. My mother did this very thing to me, she hid my genitals in a tight diaper from 8 years old to about 11. But she could not keep me from feeling sexy. Actually she helped to increase my desire for sex play. This also set my potty training back to very early years. I am sure this is not at all what she had in mind.

It may seem to be convenient but it just don't work that away. Children are born sexual, they will remain sexual all the days of their lives; that is unless some well meaning adult interferes with their development by driving any feelings for sex out of them before they get to puberty. This happens too many times, these kids grow up confused at the least, more then likely they will experience sexual trouble some where later on. Why is it a proven fact that about 20 million men suffer from sexual impotency?

Why many parents would want to hide this wonderful human experience from a child is hard to understand. Children do have sexual feelings, they will have sexual activity whether or not their parents approve. Boys will express sexual feelings towards each other. They do so in speech, actions and even in actual activity. Yet most of them will not become homosexual as feared by so many well meaning adults. Besides, so what if they do!

The ones that choose the homosexual life style will do so regardless of parents interference. This is not a learned choice. For a gay child to turn heterosexual would be as difficult as for a heterosexual to turn gay. When you have a natural drawing to same sex it would be difficult to 'play act' to be the opposite sex, via versa. Men that have done this found only unhappiness even though they loved their wife and family as much as any thing in their life.

Along this same line of thought, it is just as hard for a child to go through his first 6 or 7 years without being allowed sexual release as it would be for an adult male to go without sexual release. Can you imagine, an adult. to be told you can not masturbate or have sexual contact for the next 7 years? Yet that is what too many male children are being told every day. If they disobey, they get punished which adds to their already confused mind. Masturbation is the only safe sex for a child until they become active. Parents or other adults should allow self sex without shame or punishment. This activity is not harmful but gives the child experience to know what is pleasing and what is not towards his own body. It also gives relieve to a growing sexual system that needs physical expression. And don't get caught up into the myth that going out into the garden to pull weeds will give the same release, It can not even compare. Same goes for a cold shower. All that will do is get you clean while you shiver. Thinking the so called "clean" thoughts don't work either. Besides, what is so "dirty" about sexual thinking anyway?

There now I feel better..... however, nothing has really changed, has it?

Kids will still masturbate and have sex play, Diaper wearers with still wear diapers no matter at what age.... Pants with be peed in. Underpants will be pooped in. Parents will still get upset and the world will still be here tomorrow.

Life is funny sometimes, sometimes not. But I would like to have lived before I die. I would rather love then hate, I would rather have peace then war, I would rather have truth than the lie.

But both love and hate, both peace and war, both truth and lie, will remain with us all the days of our lives. It is up to us to make the choice. Do we trust our Creator or do we trust our enemy, the devil. God gives us life and lots of it, Satan gives us death and he is the liar from the beginning.