Instructions for the Well-Diapered Adult Child


The proper thickness and method of diapering is somewhat a matter of taste, but some rules or guidelines are very helpful for the average AB or diaper boy. First off, of course, the goal is to please yourself and the object of the exercise is one of keeping a happy level of awareness of one’s condition. I personally like to feel like a little boy properly diapered for daytime play, exhibition to friends and neighbors, and proper security. An excellent guideline in this case is to look at some of the wonderful pictures of older toddlers out in the yard in plastic pants and diapers.


First off, the size of plastic pants. Extra large please. You don't see any child of the 40's and 50's standing out in the yard in tight plastic pants that just cover his diapers. No No No! They bloom out like flowers in the spring. Lots of room for those diapers and some air to circulate too! Makes sense, and of course looks quite cute as well. No way of hiding or pretending what is being worn either - though certainly the child shouldn't care or think of caring anyway.


Then, the diapers. Well the word is thick of course. No sensible mother would slap a thin little rag on her baby’s bottom that would leak on the first squirt. No sireee! There are those mothers who change their little darling on the first little sign of dampness - but that doesn't last long as more children appear in the family. No, diapers are there to save work, not make it. So you put them on thick enough that changes (for an older child) occur no more than 3 or 4 times a day. Well, there is a pretty good determinant of the proper thickness then. When the child wets the first and second times, plastic pants should not be needed. So if the child stands up and pees, and it all runs down his leg to the floor, you've got it wrong. While diapering technique may be at fault, generally you just have things out of proportion. So, I find that the boy (me) needs one heavy ARD2 diaper from the Loving Comfort Diaper Company as a soaker laid in a second ARD2 which is pinned around him. The ARD2 has four layers all the way around and two extra terry layers in the middle.


The way the diaper is folded matters as well. Sometimes you want that heavy wet diaper drooping down in the shorts so the boy has to keep pulling them up as he toddles down the street in public. The child looks so cute and helpless that way. But for the most part, one wants the child to both feel secure, and to feel his wetties snugly up in his crotch and spreading all around his fanny as the day proceeds. It is very important that the child understand his condition and be brought to appreciate it at all times. For this a snug diaper is essential. After years of cheerful research into the subject, it seems what works best is not just pinning it tightly around the waist. In fact, in making a snug diaper what is important is the fit around the legs as much as the waist. It is a three-point pinning job. So I take a large diaper and lay the soaker in down the center of the diaper, with the sides folded over and meeting in the middle to make it double. You should reverse it so the two sides that meet are lying on the outer diaper and the backside, without the join, will be having the pleasure of the company of the boy's most intimate parts. Then you take the outer diaper and fold the sides inward over the soaker to double it, having them meet in the center as well.


Now you position the boy on the diaper, opening the back and the front for pinning together. You can leave the front partially folded inward at the two sides for pinning to the fully open back, but this makes a very cumbersome (though nicely noticeable) bulge on the side. Unfortunately, if the boy lies on his side this bulge digs in enough to distract him from the real message of the diapers - his childish state, which needs to be both a combination of security, comfort and humiliation. In other words it just plain hurts; and no mother would do this to her child. Anyway, these diapers are thick enough to be properly noticeable in profile from any direction. Now the important little trick. The two inward folds of the sides of the outer diaper should still be together at the boy's crotch, but then be opened up so that his little testicles are enclosed in their envelope as the opening spreads out to its full length at his waist. Arranged this way, the diaper makes a nice secure three point pin around legs and waist, keeping the child happy, secure, and delightfully aware of his condition. There is of course the added benefit, that as for all the little toddlers you see properly diapered, the boy in this condition has to toddle just a bit as he walks to accommodate the proper thickness of the diapers.


How nice to see a boy properly dressed so! I should think it time to have him go out and play in the yard now.