How to Make a Makeshift Diaper Without Your Parents Finding Out


This is an article of how to make a make shift diaper without your parents finding out


1. Get a plunger, one full roll of toilet paper (Charmin is best, two rolls is optional), a trash bag, a pair of tight briefs, , baby powder, tape, and laxatives.


2. Take the trash bag and put your legs through the two corners so it is tight around your thighs. Then take it off. Be careful not to stretch the leg hole. You now have a makeshift pair of plastic pants.


3. Take the toilet paper and unravel 4 sheets and go over those 4 sheets 3 more times. Then unravel 2 sheets and go over it 3 more times, and then unravel 6 sheets and go over them until the toilet paper runs out. Then fold the 6 sheets over once to make it the size of 3 sheets.


4. Take the briefs pull them up to your knees. Put the piece that is 4 sheets long it the back put the one that is 2 sheets long right below that and overlap a little. Then put the last piece at the crotch and bottom of the briefs. Pull it up. Have your penis sit in the middle, pointing down.


5. Pull up the garbage bag and tighten the waist string as much as possible.


There you go! Good for wetting and messing!


Disposing of the Evidence


Take the trash bag off. Stand over the shower as some excess urine may fall out if wet. Take it off right there or near the toilet if messy put the toilet paper in the toilet. Lastly, the hard partó plunging all that toilet paper down the toilet, and yes, it can be done; I have done it a lot. You are done!