How to Create a Diaper




For those who are unable to buy their own diapers for whatever way, this is an article for them. I have found in my many different methods of trying to make diapers that one method works best.


List of what is needed:





Although I think it is fairly self-explanatory, here it is.


  1. Put the briefs on, about up to your knees.
  2. Rip off a length fairly long and fold it until it is the size of a single sheet.  Place this piece in the back.
  3. Rip off another length and follow the same method as before and then fold it in half. Put this piece in the middle slightly overlapping the spine in the back.
  4. Follow the same directions for the last one and then place it in the front covering about one third of the one in the middle.
  5. Pull them up keeping all the paper towels in place.
  6. Now take the trash bag and step into it. put a hole in each of the corners, then slide it up, gradually ripping the leg holes a little bit more until it is all the way up. Take the remaining of the trash bag and pull it tightly in front of you, twist it all up and make it as small as possible and tuck it in your diaper.  There ya go. ;)