Our Disneyland adventure began because my son Alec was very resistant to potty training. We had tried everything, including bribery with M & Ms, books, and videos, but he refused to give up his diapers. We were running out of diaper sizes and with a new baby in the house, diaper duty was getting out of hand. Thatıs when grandma promised Alec a trip to Disneyland if he learned to use the toilet. "If you are a big boy, with underpants, I will take you to Disneyland," she said. Initially, even that didn't work. I was still buying size 5 diapers. But Grandma persisted, gently reminding Alec with every phone call and at every visit. "You canıt meet Mickey Mouse in diapers or pull-ups," she said. Finally at the ripe age of 4 years and 3 months, Alec proudly sported underwear, and no accidents. It was time to ante up.


2 ½ years old and not yet potty trained with an upcoming trip to a Disney Resort? Hold off! Do the training after you get back and life gets back to normal. Diapers are easier at a theme park than asking every 20 minutes if your child needs to potty.


"Before we went, I looked at this page and looked for suggestions to make our trip more pleasant for the whole family. I have to agree with the diapers for children 7 or under. The lines are very long, and while you wait, it is a guarantee after waiting a long period of time and just before you get on a ride one of the little ones has to go. As strange as it was, I brought some diapers along and they worked out great. My children didn't mind the diapers and we did see alot of older kids in diapers as well. Trust me, diapers did save the day."


"Always carry extra diapers or pull ups with you your child might wet their pants in the long lines. I know that they might not want to be wet all the time that they are there.


"Anyone traveling with a young child should pack some diapers. Even if the child is potty trained a diaper is a must for Disney. Disney has 2 main things long lines and scary rides. You will be waiting in line for two hours and all of a sudden the child will need to go potty. Do not worry about what other people think about an older child in diapers. It is very common for parents to put their kids back in diapers for a trip to Disney. You can either have the child wear diapers all day under their clothes or else just put one on when they have to go potty but you can't take them. Having them wear a diaper all day will save them the embarrassment of getting diapered in public and you will never have to worry about an accident. You will definitely see other parents doing the same. I have seen children that look to up to age 8 getting their diapers changed. The child may complain at first but will be grateful later when they really need to pee."


"I would strongly suggest bring Pull-Ups or diapers if you are traveling with any kids under 4 yrs old, they are a must in a waiting line, just before your turn and "I need to go pee pee mommy" is the last thing you would like to hear when you just passed an hour waiting time. And for the trips (by car) do not forget to put a Pull-Ups or diaper, it save from pee stop, or accident (they fall asleep most of the time so if they are bedwetters you better put them in diapers for the car ride) I wrote this by experience believe me."


Source: http://www.wdisneyw.co.uk/kids.html