Discreet Ways of Disposing Disposable Diapers

By: Ben Jen

[email protected]


      Do you have a problem with disposing of dirty diapers?

      Are you afraid of using diapers because of the fear of not being to dispose of them properly?

If the answer is yes, follow some of the tips below.


Wet Diaper:


  1. If you only wet the diaper, you should put it into a plastic shopping bag.
  2. Then spray some air freshener into the bag (Febreeze, Oust, etc.)
  3. Tie the bag and push all the air out, creating a vacuum.
  4. Please pay attention to this part carefully:
    1. If your parents look through the garbage to see if you are using diapers:

                                                              i.      If youre parents are suspicious and on your case (like mine), follow these instructions

                                                            ii.      Wait until they are asleep and go to our outside/main garbage can

                                                          iii.      If there is garbage already inside, take one of the existing bags and open it.

                                                           iv.      Put your bag into the bag and shift the contents in the garbage bag around

                                                             v.      Reseal the bag

                                                           vi.      Close the lid

                                                         vii.      Wash your hands

    1. If there is 2 or more days until garbage day

                                                              i.      Hide the bag in your room that is not very noticeable

                                                            ii.      Keep an air freshener on in your room or spray air freshener daily:

                                                          iii.      Wait until the day before garbage day

                                                           iv.      If your garbage can is at the curb at night, you should sneak out of the house when your parents are asleep and dispose of it at the curb

                                                             v.      Wash your hands.

    1. If you do not have a garbage can that is accessible:

                                                              i.      Warning: This may not be very practical or safe for your health

                                                            ii.      If you are not able to get to a garbage can, hide the bag in an area that is not noticeable

                                                          iii.      Until you can dispose of it, put another bag around it every week and keep spraying air fresheners (and letting the air out)

                                                           iv.      Dispose of it within 30 days to prevent rodents and mold from spreading.


Messy Diapers:


Messy diapers are trickier because they will smell easily. Plan on messing your diaper on a day when it is close to garbage day and when your parents are not home. If they are home, you must be very careful.


  1. Take the messy diaper and put it into a plastic bag.
  2. Spray air freshener into the bag
  3. Tie the bag and squeeze the air out
  4. Take a second plastic bag and put the tied part towards the bottom of the second bag
  5. Spray more air freshener into the bag
  6. Tie the bag and squeeze the air out
  7. The soiled diaper can be hidden in your room until it is convenient to dispose of it for a short time as the odor will eat through the bag
  8. When disposing of it, make sure it is fixed in a bag with rotting meat or spoiled food to blend in the smells
  9. Wash your hands thoroughly


Wacky Alternatives:


These alternatives can be tried but may not be the most environmental friendly. All these alternatives have been tested and successful.


  1. Burying the diaper
    1. If you have access to a shovel, you can dig a hole about 1-2 feet deep in your backyard
    2. Put the soiled diaper into the hole
    3. Cover it back up with dirt
    4. Make sure you put the sod back on top to make it appear that a hold was never dug
    5. The diaper will not biodegrade and may run the risk of attracting rodents and diseases
  2. Flushing the diaper
    1. A diaper can be flushed if done properly. This is a fairly messy procedure.
    2. If you wish, put on a pair of latex/plastic gloves
    3. Over the toilet, take a pair of scissors and cut the diaper in half so that the diaper is 2 equal pieces
    4. A slimy gel substance will ooze out, make sure it falls into the toilet (DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES, THIS STUFF IS HAZERDOUS IF SWALLOWED OR COMES IN CONTACT WITH THE EYES)
    5. Make sure you squeeze it all out, and if you have to, scoop it out
    6. Flush the toilet
    7. Cut the tabs off on all sides and drop them into the toilet
    8. Flush the toilet
    9. Take one half of the diaper and cut it into very small pieces
    10. Flush the toilet
    11. Take the other half of the diaper and cut it into very small pieces
    12. Flush the toilet
    13. Wash your hands thoroughly (2-3 times) and clean the scissors thoroughly before putting them back
    14. Do not try if you have a old plumbing system, water saving toilet, or low-pressure toilet
  3. Burning the diaper (16 and up only)
    1. This is the most dangerous way and WILL not be attempted in the house
    2. If you are going to do this, do it on a stoned ground or patio (NOT ON THE GRASS OR NEAR THE HOUSE)
    4. Make sure you have a bucket of water or water hose handy to suppress the fire (or phone in case of an absolute disaster)
    5. Take a lighter and burn one corner of the diaper
    6. Drop the diaper and stand several feet back as toxic fumes may be present (DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA OR RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS)
    7. If possible, cover your mouth and nose
    8. If the flames look like they are out of control, pour water on it. If you cannot stop it, call 911 immediately
    9. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any property damages or physical damages. This is only to be attempted once and never again.
  4. Recycling the diaper
    1. In some countries and states, they have diaper recycling programs
    2. Check with your Sanitation Department to see if a recycling program exists
  5. Reusing the diaper (makeshift):
    1. If you cut the diaper in half with a pair of scissors, a slimy gel will ooze out
    2. Make sure this is done over a paper plate or plastic container
    3. Spread out the gel and wait for it to dry, check it frequently as mold may develop
    4. When it dries or becomes more solid, you can wrap it around several sheets of paper towel and use it as a soaker or absorbent
    5. For makeshift diaper instructions, please see the article: HOW TO MAKE A MAKESHIFT DIAPER A TEMPORARY SOLUTION FOR TB/DLs
    6. In the instructions, substitute the paper towels with the gel/paper towel combo