Diapering Method for Teenage Boys


Suitable for ages 12-20




Boys of this age are capable of cleaning themselves. Remove all of the boy’s clothing and instruct him to take a shower. Use phrases like, “If I don’t smell soap on every inch of your body…” to insure that he cleans himself well. Occasionally remind him that it is important to lather, wash and rinse carefully areas around his ‘bum’ and ‘privates’. Quick showering after messy changes is recommended for added cleanness. It is also recommended that you re-diaper after a messy change near the area where the boy showers. At this age, however, privacy while showering is acceptable. Once he has finished check his diaper area to make sure it is completely clean. It may be necessary to check behind the testicles after a messy change. If he is not clean, send the boy back and chastise him for not being careful enough. Once the boy is well showered, towel him off again yourself, and then have him lay down on the mat. Use a couple of wipes and give his entire diaper area a good once-over. While the boy should be clean, this will give his skin a nice scent and clean even more thoroughly.


Treating the Diaper Area and Diapering:


While there are many creams and lotions to use on a baby’s skin, the most simple will usually suffice until further treatment is needed. Have the boy lying on his back on a changing mat. First apply baby oil to your cupped palm and then rub the oil into the boy's skin. Be sure to apply oil/lotion all the way from his belly button to about six inches from his pelvis down his thighs. Also apply generous amounts of lotion between his legs, behind his testes, and finally rub oil onto the genitals. Boys of this age will most likely become quite excited, so be prepared. Have the boy try to bring each knee to its respective shoulder. This will keep his legs slightly parted so that you will be able to rub lotion into his bottom and the back of his thighs and the area between his legs. Rub generous amounts of oil onto his bottom and a little oil in between his butt cheeks. Now, sprinkle baby powder onto his bottom and rub it in. While the boy still has his bottom raised, bring a diaper and unfold the end with the tapes. Have the boy lower his rear onto the diaper and keep his legs separated. Leave the bottom portion loose between his legs and finish applying powder to his front. Follow the same procedure as for oil to apply powder. For a nice fresh scent sprinkle powder down the thighs and on the chest and stomach. After rubbing all the powder in, pull the front up unfolding the diaper completely now. (note: be sure not to get any oil on the diapers surface or on the tapes, this will cause the adhesive to fail). Pull the diaper up between the boy’s legs and bring to about his belly button. If your boy has become erect, the front of the diaper will push the erection against the stomach. The diaper should come at least up to the belly-button in front and to the equivalent height in back. This will prevent leaks during urination, and will provide more room for a large bowel movement. Finally, hold the front of the diaper in place against the boy’s stomach and use your other hand to pull one of the back wings to the boys side. If the diaper is pulled high enough, the front wings will be able to be smoothed above the boys legs and only against his sides. The tapes are designed to be fastened about the side of the stomach and pelvis, and if the diaper rides to low, it will not be as effective. Begin fastening the tapes from the lowest on each side and up. Be sure that the diaper is not too tight, because if the diaper is too secure there will not be enough room for the boy to have a comfortable bowel movement, and likely the diaper will leak during urination. If the diaper is high enough, and secure, but not too snug it will reach a medium with maximum capacity and comfort.




·         Be sure while diapering that you are checking for infections, rashes, and cleanliness.

·          the above procedure was created for use with Depends Overnight Fitted Briefs. Using those briefs, it is also easy to see that the diaper is centered by using the wetness indicator as a center.

·         When diapering an erect boy, you may secure the diaper a little tighter than normal because as the erection subsides the diaper will become less secure.

·         A reassuring pat on the behind is always nice after a change, and will allow you to make sure you left enough room in the seat of the diaper.


Checking the Boy’s Diaper:


Although you should instruct your boy to inform you when he has messed or wet his diaper, it is also important that you check yourself. Frequently, boys will not want to detach themselves from their current activity, and eventually this could lead to leaks, rashes, or a really smelly room.


Checking for Messy Boys:


Checking to see if a boy has messed his diaper is often not voluntary. Depending on the boy and his age, a well-messed diaper will become quite smelly within five minutes. Checking for a messy diaper is not as needed because often an older boy will come to you out of discomfort. Nonetheless, if you wish to double check, you may stick a finger in between your boy’s back and his diaper at the top and pull the diaper back slightly. The elastics on most disposables will allow you to pull the diaper back a good 4-6”. However, you probably won’t want to pull that far. It is always reassuring to the boy if you put one hand on his head or shoulder while checking. If your boy is younger or shorter, you can even hug him and check over his shoulder. If the boy is messy, a change is needed for his health and your comfort.


Checking for Wet Boys:


Boys will not want to bother telling you every time they wet their diaper, so it is more important for you to check to see if they are wet. At this age, it is also not necessary to change your boy’s diaper if he is only slightly wet. If your boy wears diapers constantly, it is also common for him to wet slowly and frequently. The first check to do for a wet diaper is a visual. Look to make sure the diaper hasn’t leaked, and then look at the front of the diaper. Many diapers for boys this age have a wetness indicator. While these are nice to show whether the boy has wet, they do not show completely whether the boy needs to be changed for not. If the diaper has leaked, a change is necessary. If the diaper is wet only slightly, you can do a finger check to decide whether to change him or not. If you reach two fingers between the diaper and your boy’s skin you will be able to feel whether his skin is wet or not. I suggested checking the diaper in the back right against where his bottom and upper thigh meet. If there is significant wetness then you should change the diaper. If there is only slight moisture you can decide to change the diaper later. Most likely, the skin will feel moist and the diaper will probably be slightly moist as well. At the front of the diaper, it will almost always be fairly moist and this is the reason for checking close to the middle of the diaper. You can also feel the weight of the diaper and see whether it has begun to sag. If the diaper is sagging or feels heavy, chances are it is quite wet and is becoming uncomfortable. It is better to change a diaper sooner than to risk ruining furniture or carpet because of a leak. For the same reason, always change a messy diaper, because a wet and messy leak can be very damaging and unpleasant.


Dealing with Messes: “Big Change”:


If your boy tells you he needs a ‘big change’ or you tell him that it is time for a ‘big change’ you will need to spend a little more time and effort. A messy diaper should come at least once a day, and is normal to occur up to four or five times a day. If your boy hasn’t messed his diaper for more than a couple days something is wrong.


To change a messy diaper first make sure that he is not leaking. If the diaper is leaking, use paper towels to help contain the leak. Take the boy to the changing area and have him lay down on his back. Un-tape the diaper and have the boy bring his knees to his shoulders like normal. As boys of this age are capable of large messes, it is advisable to try and shake some of the mess into a toilet instead of leaving it in the diaper. This becomes difficult and may be skipped if the mess has been spread about the diaper, or if it is too soft. Use a less messy part of the diaper to remove large excess pieces off of his bottom. After rolling the diaper up and placing it in a sealed bag, have your boy stand up. While being careful not to get anything dirty have him walk straight into the shower and clean off. With smaller children cleaning with wipes may be sufficient, but with teenage boys it is impractical, unpleasant, and less clean to simply wipe off the mess. Also, the boy should assume some responsibility for his own cleanness and at this age private showering is recommended. After this point, follow the method above to securely diaper him.




·         If the boy has been in a messy diaper for a while, apply some rash medication such as desitin to the area. If redness begins to develop, treat similarly. If a rash develops and the conditions worsen, take the boy to a doctor for treatment.


Dealing with Wet Diapers: “Small Change”:


When you change your boy’s wet diapers, a shower would be impractical and merely wiping your boy’s diaper area should be sufficient. Also, placing the diaper in a plastic bag is optional. Again, watch for redness and irritation and treat with ointment. If the rash develops contact your doctor.


Disposing of Diapers:


A diaper pail is recommended of temporary storage of soiled diapers. After a change, place the soiled diaper in the pail. At the end of the day, or even every other day, empty the pail into your other trash and store in your can outside. The pail may be sprayed with a disinfected and deodorizer to keep fresh until the end of the month when the pail should be cleaned. The pail should be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaning solution such as Pine-Sol. Remove any waste from the pail and clean thoroughly. A teenage boy is perfectly capable of taking responsibility for his diaper pail. It is recommended that the boy at least help.


Additional Suggestions:


A teenage boy should start developing pubic hair, and could very possibly be so hairy that cleanup becomes substantially more difficult. It is not necessary that the boy be shaven smooth constantly, but it is recommended for very hairy boys that their hair is kept in check. Obvious hygiene problems can develop from excessive hair on the bottom and genitals. An electric razor with a clipper attachment works well for keeping hair under control. It is not recommended that your boy be waxed, and it is not necessary for your boy to be shaved completely. This is a choice for you and the boy, however, significant hair makes keeping clean very difficult.


Diapering Circumstances:


·         Need: This method should work well for a teenage boy who needs to use diapers due to a health reason. It is suggested that more responsibility is placed on the boy in this situation for dignities sake.

·         Parent/Child Punishment: This method will work for a parent who is trying to punish a child through the use of diapers. However, hygiene and health must be stressed in such a situation.

·         Sexual Play with Consenting Partners: This method should work for fetish play in which a teenage boy is being diapered. Again, emphasize cleanliness. Also, the use of safety words and consent is very important.