My Mum puts me in nappies every day;

She says I look the cutest dressed that way.

I never have to stop to use the potty when I play;

Mum says, "Just use your nappy; it's okay."


Maybe when I'm older Mum will say

"It's time these baby things were put away."

But while I'm just a little boy, she says, they're here to stay;

And every day's a Happy Nappy Day.


When I go to school there's just a chance

The other boys will see my plastic pants;

But Mummy always tucks me in so snugly nothing shows;

I've got my fluffies on, and no-one knows!


When I'm wet I go to see the nurse.

She changes me, and says "It could be worse!"

She puts my soggy nappies in a pail and shuts the lid.

She smiles, and says that I'm her Special Kid!


When I feel I need to do a poo

I hand on tight; I know it wouldn't do

With all the other kids around, to have a stinky bum;

I save my dirty secrets just for Mum!


When Mummy says, "I think you need to go,"

I nod, and suck my thumb. (How does she know?)

She pats my fluffy tail, and says, "I know what gives you joy;

Now run outside; There's Mummy's Happy Boy!"


A sunny corner where the fairies dance

Is where I always go to fill my pants.

I feel all small and helpless while I wait for it to come;

And when it has, I go and tell my Mum!


Oh, how I love the sweet security,

The comfort, and the freedom just to "BE";

The feel of terry towelling and the smell of JBP,

And, most of all, my Mummy's love for me.


I hope Iíll never be like other boys

Who like to play with nasty grown-up toys.

I'm happy with my schnuller and my cuddly teddy bear,

And nappies drying in the sunny air.




(Baby Johnnie, Sydney, Australia.)




"Wash away the grit of adult care;

Irrigate a garden of delight;

Melt the ice of sadness and despair;

Flow, warm secret, in the secret night."






"Filling the fabric, feel the secret shame,

Symbol of self, from self-source deep within;

Mind-melting mud for glorious googoo game.

Say "NO" to Mother: whisper "yes" to sin."


Baby Johnnie, Sydney, Australia.